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Growth Marketing Training - Google Ads
Duration: 7 hours (1 day)
Date of the next training session : As requested
100% distance learning

Why this google ads training?

This training is for freelancers in the field of digital marketing, advertising account managers, media buyers and digital advertising consultants who are or will be creating, managing and optimizing ads on the Google Ads platform.

The advertising world is becoming ultra competitive. Being able to stand out in the digital world is becoming more and more difficult. There are also more and more platforms available, and they are all complex to use. ATS can bring great results, but developing effective ads requires certain skills.

This course provides concrete methods to be able to use the Google Ads platform, and be able to produce ads on all the placements it offers: Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping, YouTube or Google UAC.
Thus, we will review the platform and its features, the process of creating advertising campaigns, the optimization techniques of campaigns, as well as practical cases. No matter what your level is, this training will allow you to improve your skills and create effective ads.

Google ads training program

What is included in this training:

Review of the platform
  • Objectives and types of campaigns
  • Campaigns with a performance objective
  • Campaigns with a branding objective
  • Google Ads tools
    - Performance Planner
    - Keywords Planner
    - Audience Manager
  • Conversion Manager
Campaign creations
  • Conversion tunnels: COLD, WARM and Remarketing campaigns
  • Prerequisites and points to check
  • Bidding strategies
  • Intelligent auctions
  • Best practices by campaign type: Search, Display, YouTube and App
Campaign optimization
  • How to optimize ads? How to take advantage of Google's machine learning.
  • Best practices for smart bidding strategies.
  • Key points to consider when using smart auctions
  • Learning, analysis, and time to conversion phases.
  • Optimization checklist by campaign type.
Case Studies
  • Review of a campaign focused on lead acquisition on Google ads: Search Network, and YouTube
Course schedule
9am-12:30pm and 2pm-5:30pm
Basic rates per person :
+ 20% VAT

Time to access the training

  • 1 group training session per month
  • Possibility of registering up to 48 hours before the start of the course

Who is this training for?

  • Freelancers in the field of digital marketing, advertising account managers, media buyers and digital advertising consultants.
  • This training is accessible to people with disabilities

Prerequisites for online courses

  • Basic knowledge of digital marketing - a quiz will be sent to you and a phone interview will be done after receiving the answers.

Materials needed:

  • Need a computer connected to the Internet, a webcam and a microphone.

Objective of the training

  • Master the mechanisms of the Google Ads platform and be autonomous in the creation and optimization of campaigns.

Who runs this training?

  • The trainer is Jean-Guillaume Loubet, Head of Strategy at GrowthYouNeed. He has 7 years of experience in digital marketing and the implementation of sea strategies. He is a google ads expert who will be happy to help you improve your skills.

How does this Google ads training work?

  • Powerpoint and pdf support for the knowledge of the essential points to know to carry out successful campaigns on Google Ads.
  • Practical cases: creation of campaigns and group correction.

Competency Assessment

  • A MCQ will be sent to you at the end of the training to evaluate your acquired knowledge, as well as an online questionnaire after 30 days to evaluate the application of the knowledge.

Training program updated in September 2022

Why should you become more competent on Google Ads?

              No matter what your project or your company's field of expertise, google ads can help you increase your results. By choosing to use paid search, you can position yourself on key searches for your audience.

              Enabling you to optimize your web presence yourself to appear in the first pages of searches is the objective of this online training. You will have the necessary level to make the most of SEA, controlling your budget and the results of your campaigns.

              Having a trainer who is an expert in google ads strategy will give you access to this year's Google best practices.

              This google and youtube ads training is offered by Growthyouneed.

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