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Growth Hacking

We support companies in their rapid growth
with continuous A/B testing and data hacks.

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is the art of getting your business to evolve as quickly as possible - often saving money over traditional approaches - through a rapid experimentation phase.
It can be as simple as creating automation and as complex as retrieving data to create personalized audiences and include them in your cross-platform marketing funnel.

Whatever the method, Growth Hacking is test, test, test....

  • Test which channels are relevant
  • Test which creatives and audiences are more transformative
  • Test which landing page has a better conversion rate
  • And a lot of other tests...

What's rapid experimentation?

Here is an example!

A/B Testing - All Channels

Personae: 10 +

Landing Page

= 150+


Just a small demonstration that proves how many tests we could run for you in less than 3 months.
While your competitors are trying to find out which personae or channels are generating sales/leads, you will be growing.

What are the next steps?

Here's our magic formula:

Our team of Growth Hacking experts and your dedicated Growth Hacker will get together to set up everything you need to get started, then find the best strategy to make your competitors jealous.

Then we will execute the strategy and, during execution, we will optimize the configurations to be as good as possible. Then the team will have another meeting to see the global data, see the success of the tests, take notes and prepare a suitable, large-scale configuration. What's next? Well, we repeat the process as many times as necessary!

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