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Google is the number one platform to include in your digital promotion strategy, because if your target regularly consults Google, you absolutely must position yourself on it to capture it.

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Anexperienced and qualifiedGoogle Ads Premier Partner

Our agency is part of the 3% of digital marketing agencies that are Google partners to provide you with a service that meets your expectations. This also allows us to be among the first to know about any algorithm changes, so we can help you adapt your strategy and maximise the benefits of your ads on Google.

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A Google Ads agency
using the power of Artificial Intelligence

Growth Intelligence, an application developed in-house to give you more visibility on your results and exclusive access to our revolutionary tools.

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The goal? To help you maximise your results thanks to our AI and to have more transparency on all your digital campaigns.

Optimised results on Google Ads
Multi-channel dashboard so you can track all your campaigns at once.
Collaboration file on creations, you will be able to see the visuals that we prepare for your campaigns.
AI that collects and enriches data in real time.
Access to Open AI GPT 3
Access to, another of our AIs that generates visuals in
based on your brand image.

How cana Google Adsstrategy
bring you growth?


A good and rigorous selection of keywords is the basis of Google Ads. These fall into two categories: Branded keywords, and Generic keywords (everything but your brand name). Intent is higher here than on social networks, but good practices are essential to have campaigns that perform.


Your shop window. The phrases you choose to show to your potential customers. Fortunately, the platform today is such that testing is constant with Responsive Search Ads. To do this, you need to write impactful ads that stand out from your many competitors.

Auction strategy

Manual work is gradually being reduced on Google Ads. One of the features to highlight is, of course, the bidding strategies. Automated bidding lets the algorithm learn and optimise itself for more effective campaigns with higher returns. However, make sure you don 't neglect manual optimisations to check that everything is going well in the account!

Tracking and Connections

Running campaigns without tracking results would be pointless. Fortunately, Google's suite of products offers a simple and effective system to track all your conversion and other events. The advantage is also the connection with Search Console for SEO, YouTube for launching video campaigns and of course Google Analytics for even more detailed campaign reporting.

Our conversion tunnel
Google Ads

As a specialist Google Ads agency, we will help you implement a digital strategy across the entire conversion tunnel. Our account managers will use various digital tools to achieve the best performance.

  • Interests

  • Audience of personsæ

  • Similar audience

  • Time spent on the site

  • Users not converted

  • Clicks on CTA

  • Users of the app

  • Registered

  • Active site visitors

  • Social network commitments

  • Video views

  • Commitment to advertisements

Our examples of
Google Ads strategies

We have a scientific approach to
Digital Marketing

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