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Is Google Ads for you?

How do you know if Google ads can help you achieve your goals? What to do before you start? All the answers are in this article.

Not sure if you should adopt Google Ads into your digital strategy? This is a very good question to ask yourself before jumping in. Google Ads is indeed a preferred acquisition channel for many companies and the consensus is that it performs well for all types of companies. Why should this be the case? Simply because if people are searching for keywords related to a good or service, this demonstrates high intent and therefore a potentially higher conversion rate than other acquisition levers.

Here are some things to consider before you start.

Google Ads is not for every business.

There are some things you should check before you start. It is important to mention that Google has many policies in place to prohibit certain businesses from advertising. You can check them out here if you think this might affect you (among others: weapons, counterfeit goods and drugs). There are also limitations in other categories such as alcohol, online gambling or drugs. 

If you are not concerned by these policies, here are some key questions to ask yourself before you start using Google Ads:

  1. Do people use Google to search for what you have to offer?
  2. Does there seem to be a demand for what you offer online? This is always harder to judge for selling services, but what you want to see is whether there is a high and relevant demand.
  3. Do you have a solid conversion rate on your website? A rate above 2% is generally considered good, but your industry will have its own averages, so make sure you know what they are.

Your product or service must be searched for on Google

If no one is searching for your keywords, there won't be enough data to optimise your results, whether they are "generic" keywords or your branded keywords. 

In this case, you should leave Google Ads aside and focus on other marketing platforms that can build brand awareness (such as Facebook, Instagram or TikTok). A good marketing strategy to promote your services or products to your audience will serve you in the long run to create demand.

Once your brand awareness is more established, then that's when you should look at Google Ads! Feel free to use your data in Search Console for example to see what keywords are driving users to your site, so you can reuse them in your campaigns.

How to find a google ads agency

Your website must be impeccable 

If your website has been rushed or hasn't been updated since the first season of Koh Lanta (it's been going on longer than you think!), then focus your time and money on updating it, its content and design before you tackle Google Ads. It's your site that your ads will direct users to after all. A smooth user experience means your ads are more likely to bring in results.

Even if you have the best Google Ads campaigns, a poorly optimised site will ruin all your efforts in one click. Literally.

Achieve your Google Ads goals with a specialist agency

Does your company tick all the boxes for Google Ads, but you don't know where to start? Fortunately, our team can help you with the operational set-up, monitoring and sustainability of your campaigns. It's not for nothing that we are a Google Premier Partner this year!

We can also assist you with social media advertising campaigns. Contact us for more information!

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