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Why choose Performance Max for your Google Ads campaigns?

Max performance campaigns are the future of online advertising on Google. Why choose these campaigns? How to do it? The answers are in this article.

What is Performance Max on Google Ads?

Google offers a new type of campaign, Performance Max, which better responds to the evolution of the buying path of Internet users: more fragmented, more complex, multi-touch point... Performance Max is based on automation to combine an expanded distribution and more personalized ads to Internet users and key moments that mark their purchasing decisions. Ultimately, it's a more business-oriented type of campaign that revolutionizes your SEA campaigns and allows you to reach your customers more effectively!

With the Performance Max campaigns, Google automates its campaigns more. More concretely, the key points of a Performance Max campaign are :

  • Broadcasting on all Google networks: YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, Maps, within the same campaign, unlike traditional Google Ads campaigns.
  • An operation based on automation and machine learning, whether for the bids (quite common now) but also for the distribution locations and the combinations of texts, products, images and videos composing your ads.
  • Campaign objectives mainly focused on business generation, such as online sales, customer acquisition, subscription, quote generation, account creation, calls, store visits, with the possibility of setting up several of them within the same campaign. This last point is not a revolution, because the classic campaigns already allowed to set these business objectives, which Growth You Need has been doing for many years to achieve the business objectives of its customers. However, this is no longer a possibility, but an obligation, by putting the business objective at the center and offering a wide range of objectives and conversions.

What are the advantages of Performances Max?

The Performance campaign is based on a set of parameterized elements:

  • Conversion or micro-conversion objectives.
  • Parameterized assets: text, image, video
  • Data feeds, including Google My Business, your product feed and your company data feeds
  • Signals provided: 1st party audiences (database, DMP, CRM...), remarketing audiences and geographic targeting, Google audiences (In-Market / affinity)

The goal is to use automation to find the best combinations of elements to ensure that the right ad is delivered, at the right time, to the right user, to achieve your business goals, regardless of the Google delivery network.

The benefits are summarized in this promise:

  • Find the maximum number of customers/results regardless of the distribution network, compared to a classic campaign that commits to a defined objective, a defined network, with a defined budget per network. Google will look for opportunities where they are.
  • The power of automation: bids, ads, videos, images... are personalized to respond to the user and his conversion behavior

Our opinion: this is a campaign that can bring an incremental volume of purchases or leads, not captured by the devices already activated.

‍When toactivate a Performance Max campaign?

Several activation cases are possible:

  • If you have already activated Smart Shopping or Local Campaigns, the Performance Max campaign replaces these types of campaigns.
  • In other cases, Performance Max campaigns work alongside your current campaigns to increase your results: on average, Google sees a 13% increase in conversions at stable CPA/ROAS for advertisers using Performance Max alongside their current campaigns.

Our opinion:

  • For e-commerce: test this campaign against your classic shopping devices or activate it as soon as it is launched if it works well with the information flow and a return on the generated sales.
  • For the Lead Gen: activate these campaigns rather as a growth relay once the potential of your search campaigns is covered at 100% or on specific operations (boost, peak time, launch ...).

Experts to help you with your Performances Max campaigns

Although Performance Max campaigns are presented as automated, simple and easy to implement in the marketplace, it actually poses four major challenges for advertisers and many agencies

The product is recent and in constant evolution 

We have access to beta testing, exchange events and training from Google experts. This allows our experts to stay on top of the latest innovations and share them with our clients.

 The importance of the different signals and creatives within the performances

We mobilize different poles: 

Our UX-UI department to provide creative (video and images) that performs in sales and leads, but also an adapted landing page, focused for conversion.

Our Content division to find and test powerful marketing hooks.

This cross-expertise synergy allows us to give Google better quality elements and improve the results of your campaigns.

 The complexity of evaluating the real results on the business and the increment brought

Web analytics are at the heart of our campaigns' success. We measure the real impact on your business by evaluating the transformation of leads generated into sales, or the acquisition of new customers beyond the turnover. We also reintegrate your off-line conversion data to feed these campaigns on the value of your leads and their transformation.

The difficulties of optimizing and analyzing this type of campaign 

Our learning curve on new products is very fast. We rely on the sharing of feedback, especially on :

  • Best practices in the use of structure by sector (real estate, housing, ecommerce, etc.)
  • Optimal campaign parameters
  • Analytics hacks that provide more information than Google currently provides

Performance Max campaigns can generate better business results, but this requires a significant investment in analysis, tracking and continuous adjustments to adapt to constant changes.

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