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Facebook Growth Hacking: techniques and tools

Why use Facebook for Growth Hacking? What tools or techniques should you use in your growth hacking strategy?

Growth Hacking, by definition, is based on two important aspects: automation, to be able to scale and perform actions on a large scale, and the misuse of tools. When doing digital marketing on Facebook, the question arises: how to do Growth Hacking on Facebook? 

There are many techniques or methods: using Facebook groups, your page, the advertising tool... And more and more, there are also tools that will make your job easier. Let's study these opportunities together, so that you too can implement hacks on Facebook! 

Why do Growth Hacking on Facebook?

Why use Facebook for growth hacking? The answer is actually quite simple, with two arguments. 

The first is the size of Facebook. For years now, Facebook has been the largest social network in the world. Other important networks exist, like Twitter, LinkedIn, or more recently TikTok. But Facebook remains the biggest, with almost 1.9 billion daily users. In France alone, there are nearly 40 million people who log on to Facebook every month: that's nearly two thirds of the French population. Doing growth hacking on Facebook therefore allows you to reach a huge audience, which no other network will allow you. By comparison, the second largest network is WhatsApp with 31 million monthly users. In third place is Instagram, with 23 million users. Facebook is therefore well ahead of its competitors... especially since WhatsApp and Instagram belong to Facebook! 

The second argument in favour of growth hacking on Facebook is the algorithm and the data of its users. Facebook knows the whole life of its users and allows you, if you know how to use the platform, to take advantage of it from a marketing point of view. Targeting, positioning... Everything is studied so that your performance is the best possible. 

Combining a record-breaking audience with highly accurate and usable data is a perfect playground for all Growth Hackers!

How to do Growth Hacking on Facebook? We give you the tools and techniques to do it!

3 Growth Hacking Techniques on Facebook

Now it's time to get to the heart of the matter: how to do Growth Hacking on Facebook? There are in fact several methods, which are all techniques. Today we'll tell you about 3 of them.

Enhance your ads with custom audiences

Advertising on Facebook is a crucial issue for many companies. But most of them are content with simple settings: choice of visuals, ad format... Facebook offers much more than that: you can create personalized audiences, i.e. target only people who match certain criteria. 

The first form of audience is to target people according to their profile. Do you sell interior design? Facebook suggests you target only people who are interested in interior design. The same goes for hundreds and hundreds of criteria that you can combine to target only the most relevant prospects. 

Facebook offers you the possibility to select people according to their interests, but also according to socio-demographic criteria (age, gender, geolocation) or even to target only people who are "in the market", i.e. who are more likely to buy online than others. 

But that's not all: Facebook also lets you create your own audiences. Log in to your audience manager, and choose to create a custom audience. You can then target people who have interacted with your page (Like, comment, or view), or with your website. This is a great way to create remarketing lists and reach people who are already aware of your service or product! 

Do you have a CRM or a customer list? You can add it to your advertising account, so that Facebook can target them first with your ads! Practical, isn't it? 

Finally, if you want to go further, Facebook will offer you similar audiences. The concept is very simple: you take an audience that already exists, and you select the degree of similarity that you want to achieve. Facebook will then take care of targeting the internet users who have the most similar profiles to your audience. This is very useful for finding new customers. Let's say you've created an audience of "Visitors to your website": Facebook will then seek out people who are similar to your visitors, to offer them your ads. Obviously, these visitors will have a higher average engagement than with a normal audience. 

So don't forget to use targeted audiences when creating ads on Facebook: your performance will be better. 

Let's move on to our second Facebook growth hacking technique.

Use the "Invite to Like" function

Are you struggling to attract new visitors to your Facebook page? There's a little-known feature that will probably help you attract more fans to your page! It's called "Invite to Like". 

When you publish content, people react to it. Not all of these people are necessarily subscribers to your page. By clicking on the reactions to a publication, you will get a list of people who have reacted. 

You then have the possibility to invite all the people who do not already follow your page to do so. By doing this systematically, you can get many more fans! However, be careful not to spam people who don't want to subscribe to your page: this could lead to negative reactions.

When you look at the reactions to one of your publications, you can easily identify the users who do not yet like your page. Invite them to generate visibility and engagement around your brand!

An easy, quick and free growth hacking technique on Facebook: you can simply use your organic reach to implement it. Note that you can also do it with your ads. Remember to keep an eye on them!

Set up a chatbot on your page

How to increase user interaction with your brand on Facebook? Setting up a chatbot is quite easy and can convince more than one user. 

Use a chatbot to inform users, tell them what they need, or even take their orders. 

Creating a chatbot nowadays does not require any technical knowledge. With the help of numerous tools and a little time, you can create and implement your own scenarios. 

Well-written chatbot scripts will allow you to give all the information your user will need, without any human interaction. A great way to do initial sales work automatically!

Growth Hacking tools for Facebook

Now that we've looked at different growth hacking techniques on Facebook, let's look at the tools you can find that will allow you to implement your hacks.

Lumen5: create video content for Facebook quickly and easily

If you are interested in digital marketing, you have often heard about it. Video is becoming more and more important on the Internet and this is even more true on Facebook. But how can you do this when you don't have the budget to create videos? 

Lumen5 will provide you with a very easy to use solution! This tool allows you to simply copy and paste a textual content and transform it into a video, in the desired format. Stories, news feed... All Facebook formats are available! 

To show you the power of this tool, we simply copied and pasted the text from this article. Lumen then took care of converting it into video. The whole process took less than two minutes. If we spent a little more time, we could change the images, choose fonts and text colours, change the pace and transitions.

Lumen5 allows you to convert your articles and textual content into video, all automatically. Amazing!

Chatfuel: create your bot for Facebook

Chatfuel is a very easy to use chatbot editor for Facebook. Create your script and integrate it into your page in just a few clicks. And that's it! 

There are many, many other tools available: it's up to you to choose the one you think is best! 

Toolkit for FB: automate your tasks on Facebook

Toolkit for FB is a very simple Chrome extension that will allow you to automate many tasks on Facebook: invite users to like a page or join a group, follow pages or influencers... What a great way to get noticed and automate your prospecting! 

For your Facebook Growth Hacking, call on the experts!

You are convinced and you want to start Growth Hacking on Facebook, but you don't know where to start? No problem! GrowthYouNeed is a growth hacking agency specialized in social networks. Tell us your goal and a project manager will contact you to discuss the solutions to implement. Our team of growth specialists will be happy to assist you! 

Facebook is not our only specialty, however. Why not implement Growth Hacking on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram

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