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360° Digital Marketing Agency in Paris - GrowthYouNeed

GrowthYouNeed, a digital marketing agency in Paris, accompanies you on all your digital issues. Trust our expertise.

Your 360° Digital Marketing Agency in Paris

For many brands, digital is at the heart of their growth strategy. But bringing together all the skills required to explore and master all the digital levers in-house is often complicated. To overcome these shortcomings, you can call upon a digital marketing agency.

At GrowthYouNeed, we are a growth marketing agency: we use all the opportunities that digital technology offers to help you grow, make your brand known to as many people as possible and help you find new customers for your product or service.

Who are we?


GrowthYouNeed is a 360° digital marketing agency. We support our clients on all their growth issues using in-house tools based on artificial intelligence to make the best decisions. A constant watch to be aware of the latest news coupled with the development of tailor-made tools for us and our clients: what more could you ask for?

Our expertise is recognized: we are one of the 3% of Google's partner agencies, and are also Facebook Partners. These distinctions give us access to special training, access to new products and personalized support from Google and Meta. These advantages are of course passed on to our clients!

Our teams

Our team is made up of experts in their field. All of our account managers are trained in the most traditional advertising networks: 80% of our teams have received the Facebook Blueprint certification, and we also pass the Google Ads certifications regularly. But each of them also has their own expertise in a variety of fields, such as Pinterest Ads, LinkedIn Ads, TikTok Ads and many others. The result: a team with complete skills, able to accompany you on all your issues that make GrowthYouNeed a true 360° digital marketing agency.

What our digital marketing agency offers

In concrete terms, how can we support you?

Strategic support & audit

The first thing that our digital marketing agency offers, and certainly the most important, is strategic support. As an advertiser, you may have a clear idea of the levers you want to activate, or you may be in search. It doesn't matter: our team will challenge you and refine your vision, test new things, to find what works for you. The idea is to build a tailor-made strategy, activating the right levers to maximize your ROI.

We also propose to audit your current strategy to improve it. Studying your levers, your campaigns and optimization proposals will allow you to improve your processes and your performance.

Optimization of your site

Whether you are an e-commerce, media, start-up or any other client, to convert, you need a site that is adapted. We can help you with all your CRO issues: 

  • Creation of dedicated landing pages
  • Creation and/or redesign of website
  • Optimization of pages with a view to conversion
  • AB Tests
  • ....

An effective website is required to grow your brand: our digital marketing agency will help you implement best practices in terms of conversion to optimize your customer journey.

Automation of tasks

Digital means automation. To save time, eliminate redundant tasks and focus on high value-added tasks, we use powerful automation tools. CRM, Forms, personalized alerts... The possibilities are immense and can be adapted to each case.

Social Ads & SEA

What would a digital marketing agency be without social ads and SEA? These are often the lifeblood of many advertisers. Creating effective campaigns, activating the right levers, optimizing the conversion tunnel, maximizing your ROI, reaching the right audiences thanks to intelligent targeting and selected by relevant data: our team will share its experience and skills to get the best out of advertising networks.
Choose a social ads agency!

Search engine optimization

Our digital marketing agency also offers natural referencing (SEO) services. Appearing on Google in natural results to attract new prospects and customers is a solution preferred by many clients.

Graphic design

Our team of graphic designers will help you highlight your product, whether on your website or in your advertisements. By establishing a careful graphic charter, respecting the codes and best practices of each platform, you will be able to communicate effectively with your audience.


You want to launch your own NFT collection? GrowthYouNeed is also an NFT agency: brand development, design and creation of your NFT collection, building your community on social networks, promotion of these NFT and implementation of a 360° Go to Market strategy are at the heart of this project.

Goiko : a complete digital strategy case study

Want to see what we can do? We helped the Spanish burger chain Goiko make a name for itself in France and open its first restaurants there. It took three steps. 

Establish the strategy and select the levers

The first phase was the construction of the Goiko strategy. How to replicate the success that the chain has had in Spain here in Paris? To do this, we conducted a complete inventory of the competition and Goiko's strengths to detect the best opportunities. Mouth-watering burgers, a community that already knew about these restaurants, a friendly and customer-oriented communication: all these elements dictated the strategy we put in place.

Build community, brand awareness and leads

Once this preliminary work was done, we launched our first campaigns. Our goal was to get the word out about the brand before it even opened its restaurants, to build anticipation. So we created branding campaigns on social networks that emphasized visuals: people would discover and interact with photos of mouth-watering burgers.

We took the opportunity to create emailing lists before the opening: the most interested users would be contacted as soon as the store opened to come and try the brand's burgers. This awareness phase was a success, which prepared the last part of our strategy: the drive-to-store.

Drive-to-store: bringing customers into restaurants

Once the restaurants were open, we communicated extensively to the community created to encourage them to visit the restaurants. We also opened new advertising channels, especially on Google, to find new customers. Finally, we used the collected email lists and the power of retargeting to target Internet users who had already interacted with the brand and to inform them of the opening of the restaurants. A large campaign that brought many Internet users back to the physical points of sale. A real success: Goiko has since opened new locations in Paris and in France.

The results in figures

This 360° digital marketing campaign allowed Goiko to : 

  • Create a community of over 15,000 followers on social networks in less than 3 months
  • Generate 11 million views on their video content
  • Obtain more than 1500 restaurant reservations within three months of the campaign

A real success for the burger brand!

GrowthYouNeed, your digital marketing agency

Do you want to grow your brand using the full power of digital? We are here for you. To use our digital marketing agency services, click here! 

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