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Shopify agency in Paris - GrowthYouNeed

GrowthYouNeed, your Shopify agency! E-commerce website design & digital communication for your brand.

GrowthYouNeed, your Shopify agency: website creation & digital communication.

With the development of new no-code tools that allow anyone to get online, you'd think that anyone would be able to start a store, find customers and sell their products today. This is partly true: tools like Shopify make it easier than ever to create an e-commerce site. But that goes hand in hand with increased online competition. So while creating a store is easier than ever, making it viable has never been harder. To help you get started, hiring a Shopify agency may be the answer. At GrowthYouneed, we help our clients launch their sales platform and help them grow their business.

Create your own custom Shopify store

Our Shopify agency can help you create a completely custom online store. By blending the talents of our developers, designers and marketing teams, we create personalized, elegant, fast websites that convert your visitors into customers.

Choice of theme

The first thing you need to do to build your site with Shopify is to choose the right theme, the one that suits you. Each theme has its own features and allows for specific things. Depending on your needs, your project and your desires, we will guide you to choose the theme that will best suit your needs. We will then work from this theme to develop your store.


A strong site for a strong brand: the design of your site and landing pages is essential to make the user feel confident, to transmit your values and your messages and to encourage him to convert. We create, with you, personalized models that meet the best practices of UX to allow your brand to exist and be noticed.

Have a clear idea of what you want? That's great: our Shopify design agency will make it happen. Don't have one? No problem: through workshops, moodboards and questionnaires, we define together the website that suits you. We offer you several ideas, so that you can compare the possibilities and choose your favorite.

This design part is essential: it is what will allow you to stand out among the multitude of existing competitors. That's why our graphic designers are trained in branding, but also in conversion and UX issues. Your website must be the showcase of your brand.


The next step is to transform these mock-ups into a functional, responsive and high-performance site. No problem for that: our developers are specialized on Shopify and the platform allows to build robust and fast sites. It's not for nothing that the solution has become a leader in its market!

We take care of the creation of all the page models: product pages, category, landing pages for your marketing campaigns, blog articles, home page, navigation pages... All the elements are defined upstream in the specifications so that the organization and the flow of operations are as fluid as possible.


A website, whether it is on Shopify or any other solution, never stops living and evolving. New features, new products, content refreshes... All this needs to be put online to make your store live. Once it is online, our agency Shopify continues to accompany you so that you can exploit your site to its full potential.

The heart of our agency Shopify: digital communication

Creating an online store has never been so easy: many entrepreneurs are starting out. But they all face the same problem: how to get customers to the site once it is created? More than just creating an effective store, the core business of the best Shopify agencies today is to make sites live and last by attracting traffic.

Social ads at the heart of your digital strategy

There are many advertising platforms and all have their strengths and weaknesses. By leveraging them properly, you can reach your audience with the right message. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest: all social networks allow you to advertise.

At GrowthYouNeed, we are experts in the Meta environment (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and WhatsApp Ads). This network allows us to reach the largest audience in the world: that's why we've trained so hard that we're recognized as a Facebook Partner. But our expertise does not stop there: because we want to offer a tailor-made digital strategy to all our customers, we also master all the other Social Ads levers. We therefore propose, to grow your Shopify store, a fully customized media mix, based on your objectives and data.

SEO and SEA, to attract hot leads

What could be better than offering your product or service to an Internet user who is looking for it? This is the strength of search engines. Google offers you to advertise on Google, but also on YouTube and Gmail to propose to Internet users to discover your brand when they are looking for a product you sell.

With SEO, you can also rank in the natural results on Google, so you don't have to pay every time someone visits your site: a great source of traffic at a low cost! The Shopify environment is perfectly equipped for our agency to optimize your site for SEO: technical requirements, content updates, internal link optimization...

Once again, our expertise is recognized: GrowthYouNeed is a Google Partner.

Train you to use Shopify

If our Shopify agency accompanies you throughout the existence of your site, we still train your teams to the main principles of the CMS. The goal? To make them more autonomous, able to use the features to make exchanges easier.

Writing and integrating content, updating images, adding new products or re-categorizing some: all these tasks can be done on your end, to minimize the back and forth.

Get in touch with your future Shopify agency!

You want to know more, you have a project to present us? Our Shopify agency will be happy to discuss it with you, to offer you a personalized project that meets your expectations. To do so, click here!  

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