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Pinterest agency in Paris - GrowthYouNeed

Looking to grow your brand on Pinterest? GrowthYouNeed is here to help you with your project with our expert teams.

GrowthYouNeed, your Pinterest Ads agency in Paris

Looking for an agency to manage your advertising campaigns on Pinterest? You've come to the right place. At GrowthYouNeed, we help our clients grow across all digital levers and platforms. In particular, we offer our Pinterest agency services to those who could make the most of it.

Why advertise on Pinterest?

When we think of digital advertising, we usually think of social ads, especially on Facebook and Instagram, and SEA, especially on Google. But other advertising networks exist: LinkedIn, Bing, Youtube are very well known, but we can also mention other networks, like TikTok or Snapchat. Pinterest is one of those social networks that you don't think about at first, and yet. If you advertise on Instagram and Facebook, it's a safe bet that Pinterest is interesting for you: the platform does indeed focus on images and beautiful visuals, thanks to its system of pins and collections.

Pinterest Ads allows you to reach a large and often engaged audience looking for innovative ideas and inspiration. The targeting allowed by the platform allows you to send the right message to the right person at the right place thanks to its keyword system (like on Google) coupled with its affinity targeting (like on Facebook). The other advantage of Pinterest Ads is also obviously its cost: as the ad network is still not very popular with advertisers, the bids are still low and allow you to benefit from very attractive CPM and CPA. This means you can maximize your ROI more easily than on other social networks and more popular advertising solutions.

Generally speaking, Pinterest Ads rarely represents the main acquisition lever for advertisers. But it can be interesting to activate it to complement and improve your overall performance, by reaching new audiences at a lower cost. As such, at GrowthYouNeed, we integrate it for our clients as a lever that is part of a more complete digital strategy.

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GrowthYouNeed : your Pinterest Ads agency in Paris

At GrowthYouNeed, we are more than just a Pinterest Ads agency. We are a growth marketing agency, powered by artificial intelligence-based tools that help us optimize our clients' campaigns to the max. Our teams are made up of experts, each on their own lever: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google, but also and of course Pinterest.

Our expertise is recognized by both Facebook and Google, of which we are official partners. As such, we have early access to new products, customized training and privileged contacts.

What we propose

Want to run campaigns on Pinterest Ads to grow your brand? Here are the services we offer.

Campaigns that maximize your ROI on Pinterest

We take care of the creation and editing of your campaigns on Pinterest. Bid management, targeting, ad creation and writing, format selection, AB Testing, optimization based on results... You save time on operational management by delegating it to a Pinterest advertising expert, and you can focus on higher value-added tasks.

Thanks to intelligent dashboards that we have developed ourselves, you have access to the performance of your campaigns at any time and in real time. Our support is therefore completely transparent.

Expertise and best practices

Speaking of expertise: our account managers are continually trained in best practices on each ad network, including Pinterest Ads. By using our Pinterest agency, you get real know-how to maximize your return on investment. So not only do you save time, but you gain expertise by delegating the management of your campaigns to experts.

Graphic creations that stand out

Pinterest is a social network based on images and photographs. Beautiful visuals are essential for your pins to be noticed on the platform and this is true no matter what format your ads are in. Our team of talented graphic designers will be able to assist you in highlighting your brand and its products.

Graphic design, but also strategic thinking: how to highlight your product? How to sell it? What story to tell?

360° strategic support

More than a classic Pinterest Ads agency, at GrowthYouNeed we position ourselves as a true partner in your growth. We accompany you on all the strategic and digital vision of your business: we are a force of proposal. We advise you on other levers to activate, we constantly test new formats to discover what works for you. If your product works well on Pinterest, it's likely that it is visually appealing: why not try other networks like Facebook and Instagram, or even video on Youtube?

Together, we build a personalized digital strategy that fits your needs and ambitions. We also offer support on Facebook, Instagram, Google and most advertising networks.

For your advertising campaigns on Pinterest Ads, use GrowthYouNeed

You want to be accompanied on Pinterest Ads by a competent and expert agency? It's here! We will be able to offer you a tailor-made support, adapted to your ambitions and your budget, by proposing you a global strategic vision on your digital performances.

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