What is Growth Hacking and is there a definition?

Growth Hacking has become very popular in recent years. We will see together which techniques agencies are using and why Growth Hacking is now so important.


Growth Hacking has become very popular in recent years. In Europe, Paris is one of the most influential cities in this field. We will see together which techniques agencies use and why Growth Hacking is now so important.

Definition of Growth Hacking

Sean Ellis was the first to use the term Growth Hacking in the early 2010s. However, it is still very complicated today to clearly define what Growth Hacking is. We can summarize it as a set of techniques, tools, thoughts, and actions aimed at growth. The general idea is to gain efficiency by using the least amount of resources possible. To do this, the Growth Hacker uses "hacks" which are techniques to develop a business quickly and efficiently.


This growth depends on the objectives of the organization in question. They can be :

  • Increasing a company's turnover or market share
  • Notoriety on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, ...)
  • Building or improving a brand image
  • Qualified database construction
  • Any other action that can lead to the growth of a company.

How to develop your business in France thanks to Growth Hacking?

All companies, nowadays, are likely to resort to Growth Hacking. Indeed, we have seen that the very definition of this technique is to increase growth and, what company nowadays does not want to grow its business? If you want to develop your business thanks to Growth Hacking, here are some tips for you:

Sign up for Growth Hacking trainings

There are many organizations offering training on Growth Hacking. Depending on your objectives, it may be interesting to offer training to a member of your organization to develop the basic techniques. It will always be a plus compared to your competitors, if they are not up to date on this practice. There are also many experts offering free Growth Hacking trainings, especially on LinkedIn.

Set measurable objectives

Growth Hacking is essentially about growth. It is essential to have measurable objectives to achieve specific goals, and save you time.


Growth Hacking is based on the optimization of

To implement a good strategy, it is important to have an optimization phase. Nowadays, through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Google, it has never been so easy to collect data on your own business, and to use it to optimize your actions. For example, look at which pages on your site have the lowest views or the highest bounce rate, and optimize them.


A/B Testing

The testing phase is a crucial step in any Growth Hacking strategy. The objective is to deliver the right message, to the right target, on the right format at the right time. That's why you absolutely must test several audiences, with many visuals and ads. This will allow you to determine what works and what doesn't work in your strategy. Some softwares like Facebook Ads for example allow you to create A/B testing campaigns.

Hire a Growth Hacker

This advice may sound ridiculous, but a qualified Growth Hacker will join your team with a whole range of hacks that he can put to use for your company. Of course, this solution implies having a sufficient budget to recruit a new person to your team. You can also turn to a freelance Growth Hacker for more temporary missions. Many people offer this kind of mission, in Paris for example.

Contact a Growth Hacking agency in Paris.

Paris is one of the most influential cities in France, and in Europe in terms of digital marketing. There are agencies specialized in many areas: Design, Webmarketing, social networks, ... And Growth Hacking!

Growth Hacking: techniques that have proven their worth

In the history of Growth Hacking, some companies have used techniques that have become famous due to their successes. Let's take a look at some of the biggest success stories in the field of Growth Hacking.


Hotmail, the definition of the perfect hack

Hotmail has pulled off one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever. By adding "Get your free email address on hotmail" at the end of every message sent through the platform, the company has introduced its service to millions of people completely free of charge.

Dropbox, or how to get free conversions

Dropbox had the great idea of offering extra storage to people who invite their friends. This technique allowed them to generate conversions for free by encouraging their customers to participate in the development of Dropbox.

Spotify: Using Facebook to your advantage

When it launched, Spotify had the idea of automatically posting the status "I'm listening to music on Spotify" on its users' Facebook walls. This increased the brand's visibility at a key moment in its development.

Tools for Growth Hacking

By definition, the Growth Hacker has one goal: growth. To achieve this, he uses many tools. We will see some of them together.


One of the fundamental principles of Growth Hacking is to always do more, with less resources. Automating tasks allows the Growth Hacker to make a process as efficient as possible, without involving human resources. This frees up time to focus on more fundamental tasks. One of the most effective tools is Zapier. It is a platform that connects many tools together, and allows to establish chains of tasks that are triggered automatically.

Ex: When a person fills a form on my website, I define that Zapier sends me an email to notify me, and that it sends an email to the prospect with the information that interests him.

  • Tracking with the different Pixels

It is very important to monitor what works and what doesn't on the different actions that we put in place. One of the most effective ways is to set up a pixel (the Facebook pixel for example), by integrating it into our website so that it sends us all the information on the user's behaviour in front of our ads. This way, it is easier to optimize our campaigns and to gain in productivity.

  • Scrapping

Scraping is a technique to extract data from a website. For example, it is possible to scrape LinkedIn profiles to retrieve information and data.

Growth Hacking in France

Growth Hacking is still little known in France. Even if some digital marketing agencies claim to use this practice, there are still few Growth Hacking agencies in Paris. This specialization is however very interesting for companies wishing to develop their business quickly and sustainably. The future of digital agencies in France is here. It is not just in the mastery of social networks like Facebook or Instagram, but in the ability to use all kinds of techniques to enable the growth of a company.

If you're looking for a Growth Hacking agency in Paris, this article may interest you: How to choose your Growth Hacking agency?


To conclude on Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking is a marketing approach focused on growth. It requires a mastery of digital tools, a strategy based on the use of data, constant optimization and measurable and well-defined objectives. The Growth Hacker uses many tools and techniques to achieve this growth with the least amount of resources possible. In France, Growth Hacking is just starting to develop, and will become the future of traditional digital marketing.


Do you want to expand your business through Growth Hacking? Tell us more about your project and we will provide you with a 100% free and personalized "hacking-plan" .

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