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What impact will IOS14 have on your Growth Marketing strategy?

Our Growth Hacking agency has noted all the changes caused by IOS14, especially on Facebook ads.

Our Growth Hacking agency has noted all the changes caused by IOS14, especially on Facebook ads.

Why changes because of IOS14?

The main reason is that Apple has changed the way it collects data. With IOS 14, users will have the choice of whether or not to share their data with different apps. We can expect that, faced with this choice, many users will refuse to have their data used, especially with apps like Facebook, which doesn't have the best image in this regard.

apple IOS 14 logo

Who will be affected by these IOS14 changes?

All platforms and all mobile apps are going to be impacted. Through this, all advertisers and businesses that advertise on Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter ads, or others are going to be affected.

Growth marketing or growth hacking agencies that use this software on a daily basis will have to adapt and take into account the changes caused.

Growth marketer working on facebook ads

What are the changes in the Facebook Ads software and what does it mean for your growth marketing strategy?

Whether you are a marketing agency, a business, or a freelancer, if you use Facebook Ads there are some new things you need to consider:

IOS14 impact in your growth hacking strategy

Pixel attribution on Facebook Ads

One of the biggest issues is attribution. Currently, the default attribution window in Facebook Ads is 1 day from a post view, and 28 days from a click on a post. With the IOS14 update, the following attribution windows will disappear:

- 28 days after the click

- 28 days after the consultation

- 7 days after the sighting

Thus, the new allocation window will be :

- 1 day from a view and 7 days from a click.

The concrete result is that with the reduction of the attribution window, the results coming back in Facebook Ads will be less good.

The custom event limit on the Facebook Ads pixel

Another constraining new feature will be the limitation of the number of conversions. You can't see more than 8 active events on the website of the same pixel. In case there are more, FB will automatically recognize the most relevant ones and remove the others. This limit includes all standard and custom events set up in your event manager.

Your web domain

In order to continue running ads on Facebook Ads without problems, your domain will need to be validated. This requires the implementation of a small piece of code in your website. You can find more information about this here

Breakdowns dimensions

For web and app conversions, breakdowns for dimensions such as age, gender, region, and location can no longer be performed. In addition, the sum of breakdowns will not appear if you do not have the same attribution window on all your campaigns.

Delay in Facebook Ads reporting

Real-time reporting will not be supported and data may take up to 3 days to come back. Web conversion events will be reported based on when conversions occur and not when the associated ad impressions occur, as has been the case until now.

Size of your FacebookAds audience

As more and more devices are updated to iOS14, the size of your targeting audiences may decrease.

Quality of targeting

As IOS14 users will be able to accept or refuse to be tracked by pixels, it doesn't mean that you won't reach them. The difference will be that the content/targeting will be less qualified, as the pixel will not be able to retrieve data from these users.

From when?

Some changes are already effective on the Facebook Ads platform, such as the change of the attribution window for example. The other changes and modifications will come as the year 2021 progresses, so we will be able to see the real consequences of these changes.

growth hacking agency adapted to the change facebook ads

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