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LinkedIn Agency: find your trusted agency

GrowthYouNeed supports you on all marketing channels. Thanks to our LinkedIn agency, get the best out of the professional social network!

GrowthYouNeed, your LinkedIn agency

Looking to grow your business and LinkedIn seems like a good opportunity? Hiring a LinkedIn agency can help you get the most out of this marketing channel. What is it for? What does it do? GrowthYouNeed tells you everything.

What is a LinkedIn agency?

A LinkedIn agency is a digital marketing agency that will manage, for you, your advertising campaigns on LinkedIn. It helps you to reach the millions of users of this community, to transform it, for you, into an audience, and to get leads, contacts or sales. Its scope can be more or less broad: some will take care of creating ads and campaigns on LinkedIn Ads, manage bids, do media buying and report to you regularly. Others can offer more complete services: creation of visuals, copywriting management for your posts, management of canvassing via LinkedIn emails, scraping... A LinkedIn agency will allow you to exploit the professional social network to the maximum and to take full advantage of it.

There is a short list of agencies called "Partners". Chosen by LinkedIn itself, these are agencies whose account managers have been trained by LinkedIn to get the most out of their platform. These agencies receive regular specialized training from LinkedIn, as well as privileged access to beta testing of new advertising formats.

Today, there are few agencies that are entirely specialized on LinkedIn. Most of them offer this service in addition to others to support companies, such as advertising on search engines (Google, Bing..) or on other social media like Facebook or Instagram, or even offer SEO. 

Why use a LinkedIn agency?

As for all types of digital agencies, we will use a LinkedIn agency for two main reasons: saving time and gaining skills.

By using a LinkedIn agency, you can delegate many of the time-consuming tasks related to LinkedIn. Creating campaigns, targeting users, writing ads, managing bids, creating visuals... A LinkedIn agency offers you the possibility to take care of all this while accompanying you on the strategy. You can then allocate your time to more strategic tasks, to develop other levers.

The other advantage of using an agency specialized on LinkedIn is to gain skills. Indeed, like all advertising networks (like Meta, with Facebook and Instagram, or Google, Pinterest or even Tik Tok), LinkedIn has its own specificities, its jargon, and its optimization methods. By calling on an expert agency on LinkedIn Ads, you can be sure to have a competent team at your service, capable of growing your business and helping you reach your goals. The best LinkedIn agencies won't just do the operational stuff: they'll be able to support you, advise you and guide you in your strategy, to get the most out of the platform.

Of course, LinkedIn agencies will also help you accomplish your goals. Whether you want to leadgen, find new customers, get contacts, build brand awareness, you can certainly count on them to be there for you.

What are the services offered by a LinkedIn agency?

LinkedIn agencies offer a variety of services on the social network. This frees up time by outsourcing your marketing.

LinkedIn Ads

The first thing is managing your LinkedIn Ads campaigns. It's about setting up campaigns, targeting, creating ads, monitoring bids and optimizing everything so that your return on investment is maximized. LinkedIn offers many advertising formats: text ads on users' feeds, emails to directly contact users, forms to collect leads... A LinkedIn agency will help you choose the right objectives, the right formats and the right audience targeting, to get the best out of the advertising platform.

Creation of visuals

The best ads, on LinkedIn as well as on other social networks or other advertising networks, are those with beautiful visuals. Some LinkedIn agencies will offer you to accompany you on the creative part, to produce impactful visuals adapted to your target. Images, photos, videos, slow motion... The possibilities are numerous and deserve to be explored.

Copywriting and Ghostwriting

You've probably already come across them on LinkedIn: there are many "copywriters" and "ghostwriters", writers who put their pens at the service of LinkedIn influencers. They write content for them, promoted through advertising or not, which generates traction and plays with the algorithm. Many have understood this, and agencies are now offering this service for LinkedIn. An efficient way to use the social network to promote your service, your product or your company.

Other uses of LinkedIn

There are many other ways to leverage LinkedIn. One of them, for example: scraping. This technique, used a lot by Growth Hackers, consists in "scraping" information provided by the social network, i.e. to retrieve it. This way, you can retrieve the emails of all the salespeople registered on the site and living in Paris: ideal, if you have an offer to promote to them.

GrowthYouNeed, your trusted LinkedIn agency

At GrowthYouNeed, we don't specialize in LinkedIn. We specialize in growth. That's why we study the needs and objectives of each client and then propose tailored strategies to meet their needs. Our account managers are specialized in several channels, to provide you with a service that meets your expectations. In addition to our LinkedIn agency, we also offer Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads and more.

Do you want to grow your business, whether it's through professional social networking or not? Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it in more detail!

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