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How do I do Growth Hacking on Pinterest?

Why use Pinterest in your Growth Hacking strategy? Pinterest is a little-used platform in companies' marketing strategies.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a platform for social networking and photo sharing. Existing since 2010, Pinterest has grown year after year to eventually attract 200 million users who perform more than 2 billion searches per month.

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Why use Pinterest in its Growth Hacking strategy?

Pinterest is a little-used platform in companies' marketing strategies. A survey showed that 87% of users have purchased something they have seen on Pinterest. Since marketing is less present on the platform, prospects are more receptive to marketing actions. It can therefore be interesting to generate traffic from Pinterest via some Growth Hacking practices.

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How do I do Growth Hacking on Pinterest?

Growth Hacking Techniques on Pinterest

SEO on Pinterest

Pinterest is much more than just a platform for sharing photographs, it is a real search engine. Working on its referencing is therefore a very important task in your Pinterest strategy. You must imperatively make your keywords appear in your PINs, and in the title and descriptions of your paintings. In addition, try to have a profile that is as complete and organized as possible.

Connecting your Pinterest to your website

To develop your growth hacking strategy, you need to connect your website with your tables and PINs. Make sure you have optimized your landing page to the maximum, have an appropriate call to action.

Follow Pinterest's criteria

Pinterest is a unique platform, which does not respect the same codes in terms of content as other social networks. Here are a few tips for optimizing content on Pinterest :

  • Integrate text (without excess) and a call to action on your visuals.

By mixing an image with text, you make your content clearer for users. People like to know what kind of site they are going to be redirected to before they click on a link. This trick has already proven its effectiveness on Pinterest.

  • Pay attention to seasonality

For seasonal events (Christmas, Easter, Summer holidays, ...), many people use Pinterest to find inspiration. Seasonal trends appear about 45 days before and gain popularity until the big day. Think about this when you are developing your strategies.

  • Favour large images

Larger images perform better on Pinterest than others. Note that computer graphics are a very popular content for users.

pinterest promotion
Pinterest Promotion

Get inspiration from the competition

In growth hacking, one of the most important practices is the test phase. It's the same for social networks, except that you don't necessarily have to perform this test phase yourself. By doing competitive intelligence, you can determine which types of posts or content are most effective in your field of activity on Pinterest. One growth hacking technique is to visit the pages of your most serious competitors to find and target their biggest fans. 

To do this, use the url

This will show you who reacts the most to your competitor's content.

Take care of your content

Unlike other social networks, Pinterest is not a platform where you can share things from everyday life. People come to Pinterest to escape, to project themselves, to be inspired. So you're not going to share the same content as on other networks. You have to make the people who see your publications dream. 

Publish on a regular basis

On Pinterest, as on all other social networks, you have to stick to a publication schedule. It is important to publish at the same time all the time. This will make your audience more responsive.

Integrate your PINs into your emailing strategy

If you send newsletters on a regular basis, it may be interesting to add your Pinterest content to them. The people who react to your newsletter already know what you offer. However, they don't expect to find Pinterest content in your e-mails. You will therefore surprise them and this can only be beneficial for you. You will increase the quality of your e-mails on the one hand, and the traffic on your Pinterest publications on the other hand.

how to attract prospects to Pinterest

Conclusion on Growth Hacking on Pinterest

Pinterest is a tool you need to add to your marketing strategies. This creative platform is an acquisition and retention lever that should not be overlooked. By using the techniques we have seen above, you can improve your use of Pinterest in your business.

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