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GrowthYouNeed, your e-commerce communication agency

GrowthYouNeed, your e-commerce communication agency, offers you personalized and customized support to help your brand grow.

Why use an e-commerce communication agency?

For several years, the e-commerce stores have the wind in their sails. The Covid crisis has further accelerated the movement. On the one hand, the demand does not cease increasing: to order on line largely entered the manners, even became an automatism for many consumers. On the other hand, it is becoming easier and easier to get started. Without knowing how to code, you can create a store and start selling thanks to solutions like no-code or Shopify.

The result is an explosion of e-commerce stores and an increasing competition for the actors of this market. How to be visible on the Internet and find new customers in this environment? The answer: by calling upon an e-commerce communication agency.

These agencies will be able to help you on two main aspects. First, on the operational side: not only do they save you time by managing your campaigns, your bids, your targeting, but you also benefit from their expertise. Secondly, on the strategic aspect: knowing how to activate the right channels, target the right audiences, find the right formats and globally implement the right digital strategy for your brand is a particularly interesting know-how in the e-commerce field.

How GrowthYouNeed can help you grow your brand

Who are we?

GrowthYouNeed is a growth hacking agency based in Paris and structured around passionate and specialized account managers. We assist our clients with their digital issues to help them grow their brand and find more and more customers. Among them, many e-commerce sites have already trusted our expertise. 

To support our clients, we have developed in-house tools based on artificial intelligence, which allow us to optimize advertising campaigns with accurate data, make strategic decisions and maximize your ROI.

Our e-commerce communication agency

Our e-commerce communication agency will be able to accompany you on all the digital levers to make your brand known to your future customers. To sell your products, to increase your notoriety, to find new leads, to retarget your customers or for all other objectives, we propose to help you in your communication on all social networks and search engines. In particular, we can help you

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • Google
  • Bing

Note: GrowthYouNeed is a certified Facebook Partner and Google Partner. These distinctions, awarded by Facebook and Google, attest to our expertise on these advertising platforms, entitle us to privileged support and offer us numerous advantages on these networks, which we share with our clients: access to new tools, training programs, discount coupons, etc. By having our teams accompany you, you will benefit from the operational excellence and strategic support that our agency can provide, as well as privileged relationships with the world's largest communication platforms. A unique opportunity!

Case study: implementation of a 360° communication strategy for an e-commerce

How to accompany an e-commerce actor when you are a digital communication agency? Here is an example of a strategy to implement, for an online sales brand that has just started.

Analysis of the positioning and the competition

The first step, crucial to create a strategy that works, is to study the positioning of your business and the state of the competition. Find opportunities, understand your arguments, what makes your product or service unique... We audit your actions already in place if they exist, and we start thinking about the strategy to be implemented: what message to send? To whom should it be addressed? To whom? And how?

Creation of landing pages

Attracting traffic to your site will not be enough: you must also convert it. If needed, we can help you create landing pages that will turn visitors into customers. Optimize the conversion rate, make sure the technique and performance are impeccable, address the right message to the users: your landing pages are crucial for the success of your project!

Selection of communication channels

Not every business can thrive on every channel. So which marketing channel to choose? To maximize your ROI, make the most of your budget, you will have to study which ones are the most adapted to your e-commerce. Images, videos, texts, emails... which media will allow you to reach your objectives? Should you consider a 360° strategy or select the most relevant levers at first?

A 3-step strategy: awareness, conversion, retargeting

Once all these preliminary steps are done, we get to the heart of the matter: we have to create the campaigns. We write the ads, our designers create the visuals, and we structure your campaigns around three main ideas: to make your brand known to the largest and most relevant audience possible, to find new customers for your business, and to target the Internet users most likely to convert, thanks to retargeting and affinity audiences found on certain advertising platforms.

Test & Learn

A digital communication strategy for e-commerce is never complete: it is bound to evolve over time. Our team continuously studies the performance of campaigns to adjust them, test new formats and new levers to create the most effective media mix for your brand. On your side, you have access to your performance at any time thanks to an intelligent dashboard in real time.

For the digital communication of your e-commerce, call on GrowthYouNeed

You wish to be accompanied by a marketing agency and make your e-commerce grow? Contact us to discuss your project and your goals. Together, we will study the possibilities that exist to propel your brand to new heights!

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