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How to make a Growth Hacking Linkedin strategy?

Growth Hacking on Linkedin: a Growth hacking strategy on Linkedin has several advantages. Discover Growth Hacking tools to develop your business on Linkedin.

Growth Hacking on Linkedin

Linkedin is a social network dedicated to professionals. In France, you can find people working in marketing, finance, politics, in start-ups or large companies. All types of business are present on Linkedin. Growth Hacking, which can be summarized as growth marketing, can take advantage of this diversity offered by the platform.


Why use Linkedin to grow your business?

Making a Growth hacking strategy on Linkedin has several advantages:

Better identify your prospects

On Linkedin, it is very easy to know the position, and therefore the importance of someone in a company. By addressing the people who can decide, or carry out the action you are interested in, you increase your chances to convert.

Linkedin tools for your business

It is easier to conduct marketing actions on Linkedin than on other platforms. Whether you want to develop a start-up or a big company, there are tools to set up Linkedin strategies according to your needs. We will develop later in this article the usefulness of Linkedin Helper for example.

The image of the B2B platform

Linkedin being a network designed for professionals, these users are there to talk business. They are therefore more inclined to find solutions for their business. Why not your solution?

Growth Hacking tools to grow your business on Linkedin


Linkedin Helper

Already developed above, Linkedin Helper is a great tool that can help you do all kinds of tasks. It is therefore a very important tool for your Growth Hacking strategy. You can for example:

  • Send automatic invitations according to defined search criteria
  • Visit many qualified profiles and export this data to csv file.
  • Create qualitative emailing lists
  • Boost your profile and those of your employees
  • Have a better management of the groups containing your most qualified leads
  • Automate many tasks and actions to gain productivity. That's what Growth Hacking is all about!


Lempod allows you to optimize the performance of your Linkedin posts. By integrating groups on specific topics, you can gain visibility and reach more people likely to react to your messages.


Buffer is a known post planning tool. You can thus plan your posts at the most engaging times! As a reminder, it is advisable to post on Linkedin on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday during break times.

Use your employees

A company page generally has less impact than the pages of its employees. Another way to optimize your Linkedin strategy is to make sure that your employees participate in the visibility of your company. To do this, check that their current post is linked to your company page. Ask them to interact with all your posts on the platform. From the admin page, it is possible to send a linkedin notification to all your employees to warn them that a new post is available. This way, you will organically boost your performance.


Understanding the Linkedin algorithm for a better Growth Hacking strategy

To develop a good Growth Hacking strategy on Linkedin, you need to understand how the algorithm works. What factors are involved in the success of a publication? How to increase the number of impressions? We will see together how the Linkedin algorithm works.

Understand how the Linkedin algorithm works

When you publish a content, Linkedin will first analyze its quality in the following way:

  • Is the publication clear?
  • What key words stand out? Do they match the page?
  • Does the post redirect out of the platform? (avoid external links)
  • Is it spam?
  • Is it an article? A status? (Linkedin prefers statuses)

The post is then shown to some of your contacts. The more these people interact with the post (likes, comments, shares) the more the post will gain in quality score. The faster these interactions take place, the more the post will gain in quality and visibility.

The post is then offered to people outside your network. Again, the faster people interact, the more people will see the post.

It is therefore important to have quality content, related to the area of activity of your page, and to get the fastest and most consistent reactions to your post.

To conclude on Growth Hacking on Linkedin

Linkedin is a channel not to be neglected in your strategy. It allows you, with some Growth Hacking techniques, to reach your goals. With the tools we have seen, you can develop your business with the least amount of resources possible, by automating or optimizing your tasks. Remember, this is what Growth Hacking is all about.

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