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Growthyouneed : Facebook Ads Agency and Facebook Partner

Discover GrowthYouNeed, the Facebook Ads agency certified Facebook Partner and benefit from our expertise to make your business take off.

Growthyouneed your Facebook Ads agency

GrowhtYouNeed is a Facebook Ads agency, certified Facebook Partners. We are based in Paris. If we want to offer each client personalized and adapted strategies, with a media mix that is specific to his objectives, we have to admit that Facebook Ads is part of most of these strategies. We have therefore specialised in this lever, to offer our partners unique support, based on improving their performance. 

Today, we have assisted more than a hundred clients on the platform, with various problems: branding, performance, audience targeting, etc.

GrowthYouNeed, certified Facebook Partner agency

The Facebook Partners certification is a certification awarded to the best Facebook Ads agencies. Several criteria are required to qualify and the bar is set high. Team training, client support, performance... Facebook does not accept the first comers among its marketing partners! 

A Facebook media agency that receives this distinction benefits from specific privileges, which allow it to offer its clients better support, additional resources and access to preview products. In short, choosing a Facebook Partner agency guarantees optimal results, thanks to real know-how coupled with powerful tools. 

And good news for you: GrowthYouNeed is a certified Facebook Partner! This allows us to support our clients in the best possible way, in the implementation of advanced digital strategies

Develop your business with a Facebook Ads agency

Why use a Facebook Ads agency? 

If you have a business to grow, advertising on the internet, in general, but especially on Facebook is a great way to do so. Whatever your strategy, whether it's finding customers, generating traffic or sales, understanding who your product or service is for, or whether you're looking to build brand awareness or an audience, Facebook has ad formats that fit your needs. 

And to get the most out of the advertising platform, get your agency to help you. At GrowthYouNeed, we are used to dealing with all kinds of problems on Facebook Ads. 

Use the social network's advertising tools

When you start running campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, you quickly realise the possibilities. The social network has developed a wide variety of advertising formats and is constantly adding new ones. 

Carousels, collections, videos, images, stories... Each format has its own specificities, advantages and disadvantages. At GrowthYouNeed, we take into account this diversity of options to build, with you, the most adapted digital strategy possible. 

Control your budget

How much should you invest in Facebook Ads? The answer is what your marketing budget allows. Trust your agency to keep your budget under control. Every month, we provide you with a personalised dashboard report so that you can monitor your performance and understand how each euro has been invested and made profitable in the management of your ads, in order to achieve your objectives. 

Target interesting Internet users

The greatest strength of Facebook Ads is its ability to precisely target users according to the criteria you define. You have complete freedom to choose your target. Expert account managers can help you to refine this targeting, or on the contrary to widen it, to reach a maximum of potential customers. 

Integrate Facebook Ads into your acquisition strategy

Facebook Ads is a very powerful advertising tool, perhaps the most powerful on the web. But when combined with other levers and the full power of retargeting, the platform comes into its own. This is why when our agency assists clients on this social network, it is often integrated within a more general digital media mix: Pinterest, Google Ads, emailing, SEO, LinkedIn or other social networks... By choosing the most effective levers for your business, we create a tailor-made strategy to meet your marketing objectives. 

They trusted our Facebook Ads agency

GrowthYouNeed has helped more than a hundred clients with a variety of issues. 

Goiko: audience, branding and acquisition

Goiko came to us with a clear project: the brand wanted to open two shops in France, in Paris, and chose GrowthYouNeed to help them with their social networking issues. Three objectives: to create an audience, to make the brand known and to bring bookings to its restaurants. 

So we used Facebook Ads to set up campaigns on Instagram. Choice of target, creation of content, social network animations, page management, optimisation of each advertising campaign. The result: more than 2,000 pieces of content created and viewed more than 11 million times, a community of 15,000 users on Instagram and mass bookings when the restaurants opened. 

AV Concept : acquisition & automation

Another problem we encountered with one of our clients, AV Concept, a home cinema company: how to increase the volume of leads generated on the Internet and process them quickly? The answer: by creating optimised Facebook Ads campaigns that redirect to a landing page that turns users into customers. Thanks to a comprehensive digital strategy, we were able to generate more than 3,000 additional leads, compared to their usual performance. The CPA, Cost Per Acquisition, was lowered from 110 euros to 17 without any loss of lead quality. 

For traffic management, we set up automations to qualify leads according to certain criteria, make appointments, and obtain information. The results: sales people who receive highly qualified leads, en masse, and business that takes off thanks to the ads created. 

Why use GrowhtYouNeed instead of another web agency? 

There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of marketing agencies in Paris and in France. So why choose GrowthYouNeed over any other? There are several reasons. 

First, expertise. The Facebook Partner certification is proof of this: our account managers are trained and successful. They create and optimise advertising campaigns that meet all your objectives. 80% of our staff are certified as Facebook Blueprint Media Buyers, a certification issued by Facebook that attests to their excellent skills and knowledge of Facebook advertising. 

Secondly, because GrowthYouNeed is not just a Facebook Ads agency. We are more than that: because we are also a Google Ads agency and because we master all the other social networks and their advertising networks, from LinkedIn to Snapchat, via Pinterest, Twitter or TikTok, we can offer you global digital strategies adapted to your needs. Where traditional Facebook agencies would try to push this single lever on you, we can analyse your needs and offer you the most appropriate response, without bias. 

Finally, because at GrowthYouNeed, we develop in-house tools based on artificial intelligence to optimise your campaigns. We have unique resources at our disposal to improve the performance of advertising accounts drastically. These include working with audiences and targeting users, creating visuals and content, writing ads and improving each campaign and each ad group. Coupled with the know-how of our experts, our company can support you in any project. 

Last but not least, all this is done in full transparency. You can follow your performance, the evolution of traffic, sales and budget in real time. We don't hide anything from you, we don't work like a black box: the implementation of your web strategy is done with you. Each campaign, each ad, all your ads, the management of your product catalogue: everything is accessible to you at any time. 

Use GrowhtYouNeed for your Facebook Ads campaigns

Would you like to call on our services to support you? Do you want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact our Facebook Ads agency: we will be happy to answer your questions and help you on this social network!

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