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NFT Marketing: 5 unconventional methods to promote your NFT.

Having seen what an NFT is, we will now cover the different marketing methods, based on cognitive biases, to effectively promote your NFT project.

This is the 2ᵉ article in our series on the subject of NFTs, if you don't know what an NFT is, you can check out our first article here.

1 - Have a website to present your NFT project!

First of all, you must know that you ABSOLUTELY have a site describing in detail the project related to your NFT before starting the promotion of it, because it brings seriousness and credibility to your project (especially if the site is well designed). A "showcase" project that is only present on social networks will only scare away NFT followers and make you look like a scam. 

To make the content of your site more serious, you need to detail your project as much as possible: bring some storytelling to your project (tell the story that made this NFT was created), list the benefits of owning it, talk about the features it brings, talk about yourself (if you are a company, explain how it is sensitive to NFT technology, and if you are an artist, tell your story by explaining why you chose to go into NFT design), and finally, present the major actors of your project. If you have known ambassadors / influencers in the NFT sphere who work with you, put them forward!

2 - Create an NFT collection.

Creating a collection of NFTs instead of releasing a single one can be extremely relevant, because the fact that there are several similar ones will create a notion of "collectible", to give an example, Pokémon cards are all the rage because there are so many of them and they can be exchanged or collected. So, creating a collectible feeling induces a desire on the part of fans to "collect them all". 

However, creating a unique NFT is not a bad idea either, as it will create a powerful feeling among your fans to own it, not only for its rarity, but more importantly for the status its possession can bring.

3 - Create and animate your social networks dedicated to your NFT project.

This one is the most obvious tip that you've probably already applied. And that's a good thing, because it's vital that you have a social media presence so that people hear about you and your NFT project. 

You need to have engaging content that makes people want to know more, people need to have A REASON to click on the link to your site. If the content is vague, empty and without interaction, no one will be interested in your NFT.

4 - Marketing around your NFTs: Cherish your fans!

It is very common to see that NFT projects that explode are often strongly boosted by their fans. A big part of the fame of an NFT or a collection is its fans, who are literally "free" ambassadors for your project, they defend it tooth and nail against your detractors, on various forums and social networks. 

This comes back to what was said in the method above, you have to give reasons for the NFT aficionados to follow you and then convert them into fans, but ESPECIALLY, into buyers of your collection. Show that you are on their side, that having one of your NFT's is of interest to them and not to you, humans are irrational, play on that. 

Interact with them on the networks, in Discord servers, on Reddit, on Twitter, offer them gifts via giveaways (with conditions such as having to be subscribed to your page, like and share the post to friends, etc.), simply make them happy!

5 - Create private spaces for fans of your NFT project

To create and strengthen your precious link with your community, you must create private spaces for them and encourage them via PUBLIC social networks to join this PRIVATE space. 

To do this, it's very simple: you can create a Discord server, which offers features like the creation of grades (a lot of fun things to do with grades, but mostly efficient), the creation of various textual rooms (a general room for everyone to exchange, a room to share the latest news about your project, a FAQ room, etc.), the creation of voice rooms to be able to exchange live with your community...

In short, Discord offers a lot of features that I'll let you discover by yourself.

Example : the Republike.Io project discord

Of course, there are other platforms that allow you to do this, such as Telegram, a social network based on the WhatsApp model, with secure messages through encryption and the ability to create groups where everyone can react, or create simple communication channels to share information.

Twitter has a "community building" feature that may also be relevant.

The notion of "private" induces a lot of psychological bias and can be a very powerful weapon to create an insatiable desire to buy your NFTs from your fans. When communicating about the existence of these private spaces, play on tribalism by saying for example "by joining our Discord, you will be surrounded by a tight-knit community passionate about the project" or "you will be surrounded by people sharing the same values as you". Humans need to have a sense of belonging, it gives them a sense of purpose in their lives and can "convert" new followers to join your community to also feel like they belong to a community / cause. 

The notion of private is perfectly in line with the concept of "select club", an elitist place where only the greatest minds meet. This concept is particularly simple to apply: instead of making your private space public, make it really private! For example, allow people to join only by invitation from an active member of the community, propose an application system with a questionnaire, you can also propose activities with intellectual challenges and only those with the best grades can join.

Be careful though, this private club concept only works if you already have a large enough community, if your goal is to get known, then this approach won't be very effective in an NFT project. The decision to make your private spaces free access or hyper selective is up to you! Note that you can also change your strategy along the way if you feel it is necessary.

To conclude this article, these methods we have presented are quite "basic" and can bring you results without necessarily resorting to organic or paid promotion, but, to take your project very far, it will surely be necessary to go through these levers.

This is good news, because the next article in the NFT series will be about organic promotion methods, stay tuned!

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