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Why outsource your marketing?

Why outsource your marketing? GrowhtYouNeed explains why in 5 strategic points.

Why outsource your marketing? 

Managing a company's marketing can be a tedious task. You need to master more and more skills and know how to use the available budgets efficiently. To take the pressure off, increase your performance and efficiency, and to be sure you can rely on experts, have you ever considered outsourcing your marketing?

What does outsourcing marketing mean? 

Outsourcing your marketing means entrusting the management of all or part of your marketing tasks to an external service provider. This service provider is usually either an agency or a freelancer. 

When you outsource your marketing, you usually delegate a specific aspect of it. Some companies find themselves having to manage a multitude of agencies and service providers to cover all aspects of their marketing. For example, an agency specialising in Google Ads will be entrusted with the creation and optimisation of search engine advertising. We'll commission a design agency to create our visuals, which we'll pass on to a Facebook agency to put on our social network advertising campaigns. 

There are also 360 agencies: these are agencies that are made up of several divisions and are capable of handling all the operational tasks of your marketing. At GrowthYouNeed, for example, we are a complete digital marketing agency: we take care of the creation of your advertising campaigns, your content, your websites, and we develop global strategies with you. In general, we deal with all the problems linked to the growth and development of your company, by activating all the digital levers at our disposal.

When you outsource your marketing, you often outsource the operational aspects. But sometimes you also outsource more global issues, such as strategy, positioning or even the design of products and services.

Why outsource your marketing? 

Why choose to outsource your marketing? The question is legitimate: marketing is often the identity of a brand or a company. It therefore seems surprising to entrust its management to external parties who are not part of the company itself and who are often unfamiliar with the company's activity or industry. And yet, the proliferation of marketing agencies and various service providers proves it: more and more companies are outsourcing. So why? Here are five arguments that can explain this trend and show you that outsourcing may be a solution for you.

Reducing costs

The first aspect is the financial aspect. Of course, an agency is usually quite expensive. A media buying agency, for example, usually charges a flat fee plus a percentage of the total spend. The bill can therefore be very high for the biggest spenders. 

But in the case of small companies, VSEs, SMEs, start-ups (but also for larger structures) that do not have a huge marketing budget, calling on an external service provider is generally less expensive than internalising. Savings are therefore made, with, as we shall see, better performance. 

Save time

Another argument for why outsourcing your marketing can be a good idea is that it saves time. In-house, you have less human capital: your marketing team consists of a certain number of people, who can therefore carry out a limited number of actions. 

By using an agency, you benefit from additional manpower, which will relieve you of time-consuming, repetitive tasks, so that you can concentrate on those you are good at or those that have a higher added value.


Use skills not available in-house

Marketing, whether digital or traditional, is now more complicated than ever. In the digital field alone, you have to master search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA), social networking, community management, emailing, web writing, graphic design, automation, tagging plans, web development... The list is growing and it is impossible to master everything. 

By using this type of service, you have access to a range of new skills that you do not have in-house. Rather than recruiting or training your staff in new techniques, which would add to their workload, you can call on people who already master these skills.

Benefit from real expertise

Outsourcing your marketing also generally means using experts in their field. You can therefore be reassured that your performance will generally be improved! 

Agencies have account managers who look after a portfolio of clients. They are therefore used to a variety of issues and are familiar with the most effective strategies and techniques. 

They also have a whole range of specialised tools at their disposal, which help them to manage their campaigns better and improve their performance. These tools are either quite expensive and advertisers are reluctant to buy them because they don't need them as much as agencies do, or they are simply developed in-house by the agencies.

Enjoy unique benefits

Finally, outsourcing your marketing to recognised agencies allows you to benefit from unique advantages. At GrowthYouNeed, for example, we are a certified Google Partner. This allows us to offer our clients several advantages, such as a $500 coupon to help them launch their first campaigns. We also have privileged access to beta and new features that traditional advertisers don't have. 

We are also certified Facebook Partners, which again gives us access to beta products on Facebook and Instagram, as well as privileged relationships with the social network.

Trust GrowthYouNeed to outsource your digital marketing! 

Are you looking for a trusted partner to take care of your digital marketing? Trust GrowthYouNeed: we have structured our teams to offer you complete and tailor-made digital strategies to grow your business and improve your performance in the most efficient way possible! 

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