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Which marketing channel should you start with if you are a new company?

In this article, we will share with you how to choose THE marketing channel you need. The destruction or success of your business will depend on the answer to the following question:

Often, as a start-up entrepreneur, launching your new business is not so easy, you don't know where to start to advertise, to exploit digital in an optimal way? How do you gain awareness in the market, but most of all how do you attract customers?

We all know that the beginnings of entrepreneurs are difficult, you have to do everything by yourself and reduce costs as much as possible, so being present on several channels is not at all possible... Not only because of the lack of money but also because of the lack of time.

Which marketing channel should I use to start my digital strategy? How do I know?

Obviously, all channels are important, but if you have to make a choice, we can help you select THE right marketing channel for your new business.

Today, Growth You Need saves you money, but also time... especially during your momentum! Because you won't jump from one marketing technique to another.

By the end of this article, you will know for yourself which channel is tailor-made for your business!

But first, let's take a closer look at these many channels, with different marketing techniques, processes and overlaps.


So yes, no wonder we are confused!

Therefore, the first step in defining the channel that best suits you is to answer two important questions:

1 - Who are your customers?

2 - Where are they?

And from there, we can ask ourselves the famous question of which marketing channel should we start with to reach them?

Knowing your customers allows you to increase customer loyalty, and more generally to develop your turnover!

Let us help you see more clearly.

Who are your customers?

It sounds simple, but it is a very important question. Define your persona! Choose someone who is likely to buy your product/service.

You have to get to know him, you know he wants to buy your product/service, but do you know who he is? For example, what does he do for a living? What car does he drive? Where does he buy his coffee in the morning? 

Don't you know? That's okay! Imagine it! Make up scenarios! Maybe you'll think it's sinister or maybe it's clever.

I would say intelligent, because having a target customer in mind, called a persona, allows you to understand your target, what message you are going to send and how to reach them.

Finally, let's move on to question number 2. Where are they?

Be there, where your customers are.

By answering question number 1, and imagining some scenarios, we have answered question 2, and our main question!

The fact that you know where your target customer is physically, you will also know where they are online!

Now that you are asking yourself all these questions, let's imagine the scenario:

Your client is Patricia, a 35 year old entrepreneur who loves to take care of herself in order to preserve her beauty and therefore her "brand image".

She drives a Mercedes G-class and loves Starbucks caramel machiatto. So now you know what she looks like. You know about her well-being.

You were able to see the vehicle she drives. And you even know where she buys her caramel macchiato!

Now you know Patricia is very interested in a range of anti-ageing skin care products that will give her a glowing result day after day. By transitivity, she is bound to be hanging out in beauty and wellness groups/pages.

So which marketing channel should you start with to reach them?

Can you guess the answer?

To encourage Patricia to adopt your skincare range, you will use Facebook advertising.

All you have to do is choose a goal. And if you want to convert quickly, you can encourage your target to ask for a coupon to test a new range for example.

Then you can define your target audience by focusing on a specific segment of the population, namely : 

  • Women 
  • 30 and 64 years old.
  • Etc.

As you can, further refine the audience by selecting people who belong to certain groups or share certain interests! Basically, with Facebook you will know how to reach Patricia.

Now you've selected the right marketing channel to start with for your new business. But is this the answer for any business?


We only arrived at this answer by answering the first two questions, remember? The answer you come up with will be different, depending on how you answered those questions.

The solution is always simple: start marketing where your customer is.

Now that I've said everything about Facebook, how about learning more about Google Ads? Is it for you too?

Come on, it's over here

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