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How to do Growth Hacking on Instagram?

Why have a Growth Hacking strategy on Instagram? 5 growth hacking tips on Instagram in 2020.

Instagram, like all other social networks, can be exploited in your Growth Hacking strategy. But why and how to do Growth on Instagram? We'll look at this together

Why have a Growth Hacking strategy on Instagram?

Instagram continues to be an essential pillar in many marketing strategies. By using certain tactics called Instagram growth hacks, you will be able to increase your visibility and optimize your use of Instagram in your strategies.


5 growth hacking tips on Instagram in 2020

Canvass competitors' followers

On Instagram, people are notified when they are being tracked. So you can make yourself known that way. By combining this with qualitative targeting, it is possible to collect followers on your account. This practice of growth hacking can be broken down into 4 steps:

  • Identify a hashtag relevant to your brand
  • Check out these most popular posts
  • Find an account that has posted and has a good number of subscribers.
  • Go to his followers, and follow these people...

You will surely get backs from people attracted by your field of activity. Be careful not to follow too many people at once to avoid being blocked by Instagram.

Post at the best hours

The vast majority of users use Instagram on their phones. They are therefore not active on work schedules. It is recommended to post during the lunch break (11am-1pm) or in the evening after work (7pm-10pm).

Growth Hacking via User Generated Content (UGC)

This technique, well known in the marketing world, is extremely effective on Instagram. It consists of having the content created by the users themselves. By adding a hashtag of your brand, on a contest for example, you can then use this content to promote your brand. The result is 100% free content that is more authentic than your own posts and increases the engagement of your community.

Instagram Hashtags

Accompanying your publications with appropriate Hashtags is essential. Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags. However, studies have shown that having more than 10 hashtags on an Instagram post reduces its effectiveness. The ideal number of hashtags is 7, think about it!

Featured story on your Instagram page

This tool proposed by Instagram is a very useful tool to highlight your business. It's one of the first elements that appears on your Instagram page, and helps to provide a better user experience.

tool list-for-instagram

The tool to do Growth Hacking on Instagram : COMBIN

Combin is a growth marketing tool on Instagram. It offers many features to help you boost your Instagram strategy.

You can, for example:

  • Plan content directly on the tool
  • Targeting according to specific criteria
  • Get reports on your instagram actions
  • Automated repetitive actions

By optimizing and automating actions, this tool should be part of your growth hacking strategy on instagram.


How do I use COMBIN?

It is a software that you need to download to your computer. You will then need to log in with the login details of the page you wish to use.

The first step will be to define your target audience. You will define the most relevant hashtags, geographical data, competitor accounts, and some other information.

Once your target audience has been defined, you will be able to launch your growth hacking strategy on Instagram via all the actions mentioned above.

Conclusion on Growth Hacking on Instagram

Thanks to what we've seen before, you'll be able to use growth hacking on Instagram. Develop your brand image, gain visibility, and make Instagram a pillar of your digital strategy.


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