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Digital strategy: examples of strategies to implement

Looking for examples of concrete digital strategies? Find out how we have helped our clients grow!

What is a digital strategy? Definition

A digital strategy is a communication strategy that uses digital channels. Search engines, social networks, emailing, online advertising...: your communication takes place on all the media that are relevant to your strategy. 

Like all marketing strategies, a digital strategy can have several objectives: to drive leads, purchases, brand awareness, issue awareness and much more. Each business, each website or each application has its own objectives. 

Finally, a digital strategy can be set up and executed internally by the company's teams or outsourced to specialised agencies.  

Two examples of digital strategies to grow your business

Goiko: raising awareness of the brand, structuring the community and bringing in bookings

Our first example of digital strategy concerns Goiko. We assisted the restaurant chain in its establishment in France. Originally from Spain, this exceptional burger chain set up in Paris a few years ago. And to help them set up their digital strategy, they trusted GrowthYouNeed

Our plan consisted of three steps: raise awareness of the brand, build a community on social networks, increase bookings. To do this, we used several channels: Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads first. 

To raise awareness of the brand, we used the power of social media targeting. Thanks to Instagram and Facebook, we targeted internet users who corresponded to Goiko's ideal persona. The result? More than 15,000 fans were following the page after 3 months and waiting for the restaurants to open. 

To animate this community, we produced more than 2,000 pieces of content: photos, videos and texts were posted on Goiko's pages and media to make fans' mouths water. In total, we count more than 11 million views on their videos. 

An image containing food, person, snack, interiorAutomatically generated description

Finally, the last step was to grow the business. Thanks to a finely tuned audience, we were able to launch remarketing campaigns, coupled with Google Ads, to get people to book in restaurants. 

A two-step process, therefore, of audience preparation and then conversion, which ensured the brand's launch was a complete success. In 2021, Goiko was elected best Parisian burger in 2021, during the Paris Burger Week. A well-deserved success, but one that has been meticulously prepared! 

AV Concept: performance and automation

AV Concept installs home cinemas in private homes, to help them make the most of their passion through high-end installations adapted to each client. They have entrusted us with the management of their digital strategy with the objective of improving performance. 

We achieved this by tackling three KPIs: increasing the number of leads, lowering the acquisition cost of paid campaigns and reducing the time it takes to process a lead. The result: with the same means and resources, AV Concept can generate and process more demand. 

To achieve this, the proposed digital strategy was based on two concepts: firstly, the optimisation of their advertising campaigns. Whether on social networks or in SEA, we went through their marketing mix with a fine-tooth comb: campaign structuring, ad writing, landing page creation, audience targeting, keyword purchasing, etc. Everything was done to increase not only the traffic brought in but also the conversion rate. 

On the other hand, we set up automation processes. Thanks to tools such as Zapier, the processing of leads could be done automatically between the different platforms. This is a real time saver for their sales and marketing teams. 

The result of this strategy? More than one and a half million Internet users reached, a little more than 3,000 additional prospects and a CPA reduced by 84% (17 euros against 110 euros previously). 

How to set up a digital strategy? 

To create an effective digital strategy as in the examples above, there are always several steps. 

Audience and target analysis

The first step is to analyse and understand your target audience. Who are you addressing? Who do you want to sell your product or service to? No one knows it better than you do. You have experience in your industry. 

And if you already have a website with some traffic or social networks with a few followers, good news: audience measurement tools such as Google Analytics will give you valuable insights into who follows your content. 

If you are launching a new offer or want to test an MVP, it is possible that this target definition is a bit difficult. You don't necessarily know who the product will appeal to and sometimes you are surprised. There are many examples of this. But in this case, don't panic: by investing a little budget in digital advertising, you can target different audiences until you find the one that best fits your offer. 

Creation of a tailor-made media mix

The second step is to create a tailor-made media mix. Which acquisition and branding channels will you activate in your digital strategy? If you have a B2B product, for example, LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads are of course to be preferred. If your target group is young, you might consider networks such as TikTok or Snapchat. Facebook, Pinterest, emailing... All channels have their specificities and offer different possibilities. 

Implementation and optimisation

Once you launch your first campaigns, the third and final step begins: optimising your strategy for the long term. Test, learn and optimise: measure the performance of your ads, your channels, according to the objectives you have set yourself to ensure that your campaigns perform at their best. 

Get support in implementing your digital strategy

And who better to accompany you than a growth hacking agency? At GrowthYouNeed, as you can see from our examples of digital strategies, we master a multitude of channels. We are certified Google Partners and Facebook Marketing Partners: certifications that testify to our know-how on these channels. 

Would you like to know more or be accompanied? Do not hesitate to contact us! 

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