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Google Ads Training - Google Partners Certified & CPF Eligible

GrowthYouNeed offers you to follow its Google Ads training, a training designed by experts of the platform to help you increase your skills.

Google Ads training: discover the GrowthYouNeed training!

For years, Google Ads has allowed advertisers to promote their products or services to all the Internet users who search on the search engine. Of course, the platform (formerly called Adwords), has evolved a lot: today, it offers many products and formats, so that everyone is able to build the strategy that suits him. Through Google Ads, you can now advertise on Shopping, Gmail, or even Youtube: enough to reach your audiences everywhere, and at any time.

However, this diversification poses a few problems for advertisers: in particular, keeping up to date. Keeping up with new developments, learning best practices... For novices and experienced marketers alike, it takes time. To help you save time, increase your skills and offer you a summary of everything you need to know about the advertising network, GrowthYouNeed has decided to launch its Google Ads training. An expert training, given by professionals recognized by Google for their know-how. Here is a short presentation.

What will you learn in our Google Ads training?

Our one-day, seven-hour training course on SEA and Google Ads is designed to give you a complete overview of the platform. This training is aimed at freelancers, account managers in agencies who want to improve their skills on Google Ads, and traffic managers in advertisers.

How Google Ads works

The first block of this training on Google Ads consists in understanding how the platform is structured, what your account looks like on it and what is the general philosophy of this advertising network. We will study the bidding system, the media buying system (keywords, audiences), the account structure, the composition of the ads, the different formats that exist on the multiple platforms... In short, a 360° overview of Google Ads that will allow you to find your way around and to have all the weapons to create your own advertising campaigns.

The goal here is to get you up and running for the launch of a well-structured and efficient account.

The implementation of your strategy

But that's not all. Before launching your account, you need to think about your strategy. Which users to reach? Which keywords to target? The strategic aspect is essential on Google Ads if you want to succeed. It takes more and more space: since the launch of Performance Max campaigns, the time allocated to the operational is reduced, compared to that dedicated to the strategy.

Audience studies, Keyword Planner, conversion tunnel, notoriety and transformation... How to apply all these concepts within Google Ads? This is what our training aims to explain to you.

The optimization of your campaigns

Once your campaigns are launched, you need to be able to measure and improve them. Google Ads is indeed based on data: this data is transmitted to you so that you can make informed decisions. Knowing how to optimize your campaigns is a valuable skill, because it will allow you to increase your ROI and reach or exceed your goals.

Targeting audiences more finely, AB testing your ads, adjusting bids, selecting the best formats, writing more powerful titles and ad bodies... After our Google Ads training, you will know how to perform all these actions to improve your advertising campaigns.

What does the training cover?

Google Ads is a rich and very complete environment. Our training aims to be as exhaustive as possible, by presenting the different possibilities offered by this advertising network.

Google Ads

Of course, we will study in detail the Google Ads platform and the different tools, reports and actions that can be found there. The Keyword Planner, the creation of ads, ad groups and campaigns, the performance analysis tool, the conversion tracking: we will go through all the elements that make Google Ads one of the most complete ad networks in the world.

Shopping & the Merchant Center

Another platform to study: the Merchant Center and how it allows you to create Shopping ads to make your products appear in a good position in front of Internet users. Learn how to create your catalog and manage your product flows to automate your Shopping ads as much as possible.

YouTube Advertising

Video is on the rise! With our Google Ads training, you will learn how to advertise on YouTube. What are the authorized formats? What are the best practices to follow? What are the best strategies to generate maximum engagement? YouTube Ads will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Display Advertising

Finally, did you know that Google Ads also allows you to advertise on third-party sites and applications? Sites that are members of Google's partner network can choose to display advertising to their users. Often in the form of large images or banners, Display advertising allows you to reach users outside the Google ecosystem. This is a great way to increase the audience you reach, to make your brand known to the largest number of people!

Why choose GrowthYouNeed's Google Ads training?

Many Google Ads agencies now offer training on the platform. Not all of them are equal and it can be difficult to choose the right one. Here are 3 good reasons to choose GrowthYouNeed.

A complete one-day training course

The first is that our training is extremely comprehensive. We have designed it to cover a maximum of situations and cases in a minimum amount of time. It will allow you to fully understand how Google Ads works and how to take advantage of it to grow your business. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user who needs to update your knowledge, you will come out of this day operational.

This training has been carefully thought out to offer you the most successful program possible. It is the fruit of the reflection of our account managers on the problems they encounter on a daily basis.

A recognized agency

GrowthYouNeed is a recognized digital marketing agency. We are part of the Google Partners, a selection of agencies chosen by Google itself for their expertise and their respect of good practices. What are the criteria to qualify? The management of numerous clients, solid performance, high optimization rates and our teams trained and certified by Google.

To choose your Google Ads training, trust an agency selected by the platform!

CPF Reimbursement

Last but not least, our Google Ads training is supported by the OPCO. Contact your company to check which organization you depend on. You can use your professional training rights to increase your skills on operational and strategic issues, and develop a real expertise.

To register for our Google Ads training

Do you also want to take the Google Ads training? Fill out the form below to contact us and find out when the next training session will take place!

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