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The ultimate guide to growth marketing 2023

Boost your business in 2023 with the ultimate guide to growth marketing! Discover the best practices to implement for a 100% effective strategy.

Boost your business in 2023 with the ultimate guide to growth marketing! Discover the best practices to implement for a 100% effective strategy, presented by GrowthYouNeed, your agency specialized in Growth Marketing.

How to develop an effective growth marketing strategy in 2023? Discover our detailed guide! Find reminders, tips and best practices on the most popular platforms, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Tiktok Ads. Learn how to make the most of machine learning and algorithms in 2023!

Why follow a 2023 growth marketing guide?

Wondering why you should follow a 2023 growth marketing guide? Are you looking for the latest trends and best practices to help you achieve your business goals? Then the ultimate guide to growth marketing 2023 is for you!

This guide provides marketers with valuable information on up-to-date growth marketing strategies for 2023. It covers topics around marketing automation, social media, content marketing and more. You'll learn how to use these strategies to achieve your business goals and measure their results.

In addition to providing essential information on growth marketing trends, this guide will also help you understand the evolution of technologies and develop action plans for your marketing campaigns. You will also discover the best practices of the main tools that are essential for successful growth marketing campaigns.

Beware, platforms evolve quickly, regulations too (IOS 14, RGPD...), it is important that you are aware of the latest information. In this guide, you will find up-to-date advice to help you perform in 2023.

What is growth marketing?

Before getting into the heart of the matter, let's go over the basics of growth marketing, such as its definition. What is growth marketing?

Growth marketing is a marketing strategy focused on growth and revenue generation. It is a practice that focuses on user acquisition, retention and engagement to drive business growth. The goal is to find ways to generate leads and conversions faster and at a lower cost.

Growth marketing focuses on using data-driven tactics and techniques to improve the customer acquisition and conversion process. This can include targeted advertising campaigns, product updates, loyalty programs or content strategies. All of these efforts are focused on continuously improving the customer experience and increasing revenue.

Growth marketing is different from traditional marketing because it focuses on short-term results rather than long-term results. Companies that use growth marketing try to optimize their actions to generate immediate results, such as more prospects, leads and conversions.

Growth marketing is one of the pillars of modern marketing. It combines data-driven and analytical tools with innovative marketing practices to help companies achieve their growth goals. With growth marketing, companies can not only achieve their short-term goals, but also improve their long-term strategy.

The evolution of growth marketing until 2023

Growth marketing is a marketing technique that has evolved considerably over the last ten years.

Before 2010, what you might think of as growth marketing was limited to simple, short-term actions. But over the years, marketing experts have developed a variety of more complex and long-term techniques to achieve business goals.

In particular, the 2010s saw the rise of analytics tools and automated systems, which allowed marketers to better understand their customers and their buying habits. This has led to more targeted and personalized marketing strategies, resulting in more effective and efficient campaigns.

The 2020s have seen the emergence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, which have allowed marketers to better understand consumer behavior and deliver more personalized experiences. These technological advancements have also allowed companies to deliver smarter, more cost-effective marketing campaigns.

In 2023, growth marketing is more powerful than ever. Companies can now leverage technology to more precisely target their customers and prospects, delivering even more personalized experiences. But beware, using growth marketing requires more prerequisites, including knowledge of algorithms, diligent tracking, and higher data counts.

Growth marketing in 2023

4 best practices for growth marketing in 2023

1- Collect as much data as possible

The first good practice is to collect a maximum of data. To do this, it is essential to set up a good tracking. You must set up the Google Analytics consent mode on your site to be able to analyze the behavior of users on your site. You must also ensure that the maximum number of activities on the site are tracked. For example, you need to be able to track user activities on your site, whether it is opening a page, switching to another product or reading an article. All of this information is very valuable in understanding user behavior and improving their experience on your site.

2- Analyze user behavior

Through path analysis, you can understand the habits and preferences of your users. This allows you to better understand their needs and create the right product to deliver the best customer experience.

To analyze user behavior, you can use tools like Hotjar. Hotjar allows you to access data such as user behavior on your site, time spent on each page and clicked items.

You should also track your entire conversion funnel. Tracking your conversion funnel allows you to understand the behavior of users at each step and to know where they abandon the process. You can then identify where your site can be improved and optimize the process to improve your conversions.

By analyzing user behavior, you can understand how your prospects and customers interact with your site and product. This way, you can improve your product and create a more satisfying customer experience.

3- Base your decisions on data

In our hyper-digitized world, data is a currency. It is the basis for all the best marketing decisions. You may have heard the words "data-driven" before... but what exactly does that mean?

This means that you need to use data to make decisions about how you will implement your growth marketing strategy. It also means that you need to track the data and analyze it to see if your actions have had an impact on your goal.

A consistent and reliable data set is essential for this. You can choose from a variety of tools that will help you collect and analyze data.

Once you have collected your data, you can analyze it to determine which growth marketing strategies are most effective. You can use this data to improve your campaigns and build more effective marketing plans.

If you want to have an effective growth marketing strategy in 2023, you absolutely must base your decisions on data. It's the only way to know if you're on the right track and if your strategies are effective.

4- Diversify acquisition channels

Indeed, if you don't diversify your acquisition channels, you risk being too dependent on one type of channel and missing opportunities.

To diversify your acquisition channels, you need to develop a presence across multiple channels. You also need to understand how each channel works and for which audiences it is intended. Then, you need to configure the channel optimally, setting specific budgets and goals for each channel.

Finally, you need to ensure that each channel is integrated into your overall strategy. This means you need to connect them together, and you need to be able to track their performance in real time. This will allow you to better understand their impact on your overall growth and adjust your strategy accordingly.

‍At GrowthYouNeed, we have actually understood this well: we are both a Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok agency - in short, a true Social Ads agency - but also we accompany our clients on broader topics, such as SEO, emailing, automation or video creation.

The best acquisition channels in 2023

5 best practices for Facebook ads in 2023 

With our status as a Facebook Partner agency, we have analyzed the strategies of many websites. We have drawn five best practices to use, to perform at best in 2023. By the way, you can find all our tips for your Growth Hacking on Facebook in our dedicated article.

1- Set up aggregated events

Using aggregated events is a great way to measure and track the performance of your Facebook Ads campaigns. Aggregated events allow you to set up conversion events by priority and collect more accurate data about your conversions, ROI and engagement, which means you'll have a better understanding of how your ad is being perceived.

2- Focus your budget on improving machine learning

With the advent of AI targeted advertising, your Facebook Ads budget is more important than ever. You need to make sure your budget is focused on campaigns that generate the most revenue, as this will help the AI learn and deliver even better results.

Concentrating your spending on improving machine learning is a practice that will help you improve ROI in the long run. Focus on a small handful of campaigns that really work and allocate a larger budget to those campaigns. That way, you can help AI learn faster and deliver even better results.

3- Increase your audience size

Increase your audience sizes to get more results and get more leads. With larger audience sizes, you can reach a wider audience and reach more prospects.

With just a few simple steps, you can increase your audience sizes and get better results from your Facebook advertising in 2023.

4- Facebook Power5

The Facebook Power5 includes 5 advertising techniques based on automation to implement for quality campaigns:

  • Optimization of the campaign budget
  • Simplification of the advertising account
  • Automatic investments
  • Advanced automatic matching
  • Dynamic ads

By opting for these 5 techniques, you ensure an optimized structure to your campaigns and a strong potential of scale for the future.

5- Perform continuous A/B tests

To ensure that your ads work at their best and achieve their goals, you need to constantly test them.

That's where A/B testing comes in. A/B testing allows you to compare two versions of an ad and determine which one works best. You can test elements such as text, images, URL, calls to action and ad placement.

A/B testing is critical to the success of Facebook Ads. Be sure to target a specific goal, focus on one element at a time, and monitor your test results continuously to make sure your ads are consistently effective.

4 Google Ads best practices in 2023

Again, our privileged status as a Google partner has allowed us to put together this list of four best practices to consider on Google Ads in 2023. But before you even get started on it, you need to ask yourself one question: is Google Ads right for you?

1- Pmax campaigns

Pmax (max performance) campaigns are based on machine learning algorithms. They help to target the right audiences and find the right message to attract them.

They also allow advertisers to mix Google Ads media among search, display ads and video to maximize their results.

Pmax campaigns are an excellent solution for companies that want to position themselves in the market and achieve their marketing objectives.

2- Google's consent mode

Consent mode is a simple and effective way for users to control their data and privacy settings. Google implemented it in 2020 and it is an important best practice to adopt in 2023. It is simple to implement and provides better protection for users' data.

3- Use smart bidding strategies

If you want to stay competitive in the marketplace in 2023, you need to adopt smart bidding strategies. They are designed to help you achieve your advertising goals while minimizing costs. 

Smart bidding strategies are algorithms that adjust bids in real time to optimal levels to meet your advertising goals. Bids are adjusted based on audience, content and context information.

4- Vary your dynamic ads and landing pages

To maximize the performance of your ads, Google recommends varying the ads within your adgroup, this is to optimize machine learning. 

In the same way, you can vary the URLs and therefore the landing pages to adapt them to the user's path according to his request. 

google ads 2023 tips

3 best practices on Tiktok ads in 2023

1- Reach users not present on other channels

The world of social media is changing very quickly and it is important to adapt to the new channels that are opening up. TikTok is one of the newest, and it offers very different advertising opportunities than other platforms.

If you want to ensure that your advertising on TikTok is as effective as possible, you must first make sure that you are reaching users who are not present on other platforms. There are several ways to do this.

You need to review your advertising goals and make sure you are reaching users who are not present on other channels. Use analytics tools to get information about your target audience and their behavior on social media. The information gathered will help you better understand your audience and find users who are not yet present on other channels. To receive all this data and analysis, you'll need a Pixel TikTok. Before you launch your campaigns, make sure it's in place.

2- Create video content specifically for Tiktok

Tiktok is a social network where video content is king. So you need to adapt your content to the platform to get the most out of it. To maximize your engagement and conversions, you need to create content specifically for Tiktok.

Videos on Tiktok are short and engaging. So you need to create video content that captures users' attention quickly. You can also incorporate interactive elements into your videos to boost user engagement. Use hashtags, polls, special effects and quizzes to keep users interested.

3- Create and optimize organic content

In 2023, using organic content is very useful to promote your brand and products on TikTok Ads. 

Organic content is the best way to share your message and create a community around your brand. 

Plus, it's a great way to connect with your audience and show them how unique and interesting your product is. Not only can this increase your engagement and visibility, but it can also help you get more leads and improve your marketing performance. 

How to manage your growth marketing in 2023?

Want to take action? Use all the facets of growth marketing to make your business take off in 2023? At GrowthYouNeed, we offer to outsource your growth marketing and help you set up a solid, trendy strategy that is 100% adapted to your brand by taking advantage of new technologies. Benefit from expert advice to grow your brand in 2023!

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