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Growth Hacking with Zapier: automate your growth tasks

Find out how to use Zapier for your growth hacking. Boost your acquisition and your turnover with these easy-to-implement tips!

Growth Hacking with Zapier: how to use Zapier for your growth?

At GrowthYouNeed, there is one tool that we particularly like: Zapier. The functionalities offered by this solution allow us to create tailor-made tools for some of our clients and considerably accelerate their growth. Why would we want to do without it? Let's discover together how Zapier can help you in your Growth Hacking issues.

What is Zapier?

Presentation of Zapier

Zapier is not, strictly speaking, a growth hacking tool. It is above all an automation tool. This solution allows you to create connectors between different applications. The principle is very simple: when an event occurs on application A, the connector pushes an action on application B. An example? Every time you publish an article on your blog, Zapier can make sure that this article is shared on all your social networks. This saves you a lot of time: you don't have to copy and paste your link on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, creating an adapted message. Zapier does it for you! 

The great strength of Zapier, and what makes it such an important tool in our work, is the number of applications it supports. The list is constantly growing and now includes more than 3,000 applications, including the most popular ones on the market: Mailchimp, Google suite, social networks, Slack... The possibilities are therefore immense! It's up to you to find the connections that will be relevant to get the results you are looking for. 

Another strength of Zapier is its community. The popularity of this solution has resulted in thousands of users sharing their tips: by browsing the dedicated forums, you can easily find brilliant ideas that will allow you to automate certain tasks effortlessly.

How Zapier works

How does it work in practice? Zapier's interface could not be simpler. You create a new project, and connect the apps you need. You can then start playing with them. 

Zapier will create "nodes", i.e. connections between several apps. For each node, you will have to fill in several elements: 

  • An "entry" app
  • A trigger
  • The intended action
  • An exit app

Let's go back to our example of the blog post. Your input application will be your CMS: Webflow, Wordpress, Sophify... All the most popular CMS are managed by Zapier. The trigger will be "a new article is published", or "a new page is added whose URL contains /blog/". The action, which will unfold from this trigger, will be to publish a post on the social networks. The output apps will be your social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook or any other interesting network.

How Zapier can help you with your growth hacking

Zapier, as we told you, is not strictly speaking a growth hacking tool. It is mainly used to save time and automate repetitive tasks. You can use it for a lot of other reasons, like creating web applications without coding. 

However, automation is an extremely important topic in Growth Hacking. Indeed, the definition of Growth Hacking implies this notion, since we are looking for ways to increase growth that require few resources, little time and are scalable. When we identify a task that allows us to generate growth, we will then try to automate it so that we can repeat it as often as possible, without wasting time. 

Zapier supports most of the tools used in digital marketing in its application library. Whether you're doing Facebook or Google advertising, SEO, emailing or other, you'll find a way to combine many of your Growth tools.

3 examples of using Zapier in Growth strategies

In the world of growth hacking, Zapier can be used in many ways, as you can imagine. But here are a few examples of tools that we have developed for some of our clients.

Automatically add your new leads to your CRM

It's a very practical application that is used by many companies. Every time a new lead is created via a channel (Facebook Ads, for example), Zapier automatically adds it to our client's CRM. This lead is then immediately introduced into marketing automation, retargeting or other loops, without any additional action being necessary. This is a phenomenal time-saver for clients who generate a lot of leads. 

We have developed similar tools for clients who use forms on the site. With a tool like Typeform, for example, the forms sent by your prospects land in the application. It is then up to you to sort them out. With Zapier, this repetitive task is over: each new form is analysed and a new lead is created from the answers given in the form.

Plan your social media posts

This is the example we described earlier. Every time you post a new article, Zapier sends a publishing order to your social networks. As a result, they feed themselves, and you don't have to waste time manually posting to each of them. It's a tool we've implemented with many clients and it saves them an incredible amount of time.

Get positive reviews

Social proof, what does that mean to you? The more good ratings you have, the more confidence people will have in you. Getting 5-star reviews can be time consuming... if you don't use Zapier. Thanks to the solution, you can connect your e-commerce tool (Zapier supports Woocommerce, Shopify and other solutions on the market) to your emails. Each time a new order is placed, an email is automatically sent to the person who placed the order inviting them to leave a review or a note, whether it's on Google, Trustpilot or any other rating system you use. 

The results: a snowball effect, with the good ratings received convincing more and more users, who will also leave a positive rating and so on.

React when people talk about you

Talkwalker or Mentions are tools that scan the web and social networks, and monitor mentions of your brand. With Zapier, you can connect them to receive alerts directly on Slack (or even SMS) and be able to react as soon as possible. 

The little extra? These tools also allow you to follow certain keywords. So you can easily be the first to react on subjects that affect you, interest you or concern you. Are you selling training in a specific field? This home-made tool will allow you to track people who are looking for it on social networks, without any effort on your part. A simple and effective way to find your target and send them the right message at the right time.

GrowthYouNeed, your growth hacking agency

GrowthYouNeed is a growth hacking agency like no other. We use a scientific approach to offer you personalised solutions to your problems. Want to know more? Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, whether they concern Zapier or Growth Hacking in general.

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