What is scraping, and why use it in a Growth Hacking strategy?

What is scraping? How to use it for Growth Hacking?


Scraping or "web scraping": What is it?

The web is full of different data that can be useful to achieve certain goals. It is often tedious to recover this kind of data, and even more complicated to reuse it behind. Web scaping is a technique that allows to collect data from a site or a page in a simple and structured way. Different programs or software can extract this data in order to reuse it, in a Growth Marketing strategy for example.

What is scraping?
How to define data scraping?

 What's the point of scrapbooking?

Scraping is often associated with emailing strategies. Indeed, one of the data most targeted by web scraping is the email address. By defining a precise target, it is possible to obtain a very qualitative email address database for your product. Thus, it is possible to carry out emailing campaigns directly to your core target.


Purpose of web scraping

Scraping at the service of Growth Hacking

As a reminder, Growth Hacking is a marketing reflection focused on growth. It requires a mastery of digital tools, a strategy based on the use of data, constant optimization and well-defined measurable objectives.(More info on Growth Hacking here)

Scraping is a tool that can be used for Growth Hacking, or GrowthMarketing. A qualitative audience base, combined with a marketing automation strategy can bring fabulous results to grow your business.

How to use scraping to do Growth Hacking

A Growth Hacking technique to optimize scraping: A/B Testing

A/B testing can allow you to optimize your Growth Marketing strategy related to web scraping. For example, you can scrap two small databases from two different targets (dental practices and factories for example), and perform an A/B test to see which one reacts best to your message. You will then know which one is better to scrap more widely.


Growth Hacking technique for scraping

The tool to use for a qualitative scraping : societeinfos.com

Societeinfo.com is a tool of the latest technology resulting from open data. It gathers nearly millions of company profiles, representing tens of millions of contacts. A semantic search engine makes it possible to target by keywords the various positions, structures or companies, and this is the great strength of societeinfo.com. It is therefore possible to retrieve hyper-targeted databases in order to reuse them in different strategies. The export, especially in CSV, allows a great freedom of use.

Using société infos for growth hacking

Example of Scraping usage via societeinfo.com

Our Growth Hacking agency often uses societeinfo.com for its different strategies. For one of our clients, we performed a first scraping of 20,000 audiences on two different targets that we qualify as Target A and Target B. Thanks to the search engine, we were able to target the sector of activity AND the type of post.

We created emails and landing pages adapted to each offer, then we conducted an A/B Testing between the two audiences on our email campaign.

Hearing A had an opening rate of 7.5%, compared to 18.8% for Hearing B. We therefore chose to scrap 50,000 additional contacts via sociétéinfos.com on target B, and our second campaign had an opening rate of 14.4%.

In total, more than 500 Leads have been converted through scraping.

Example of a scraping campaign

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