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Social Ads Agency - GrowthYouNeed, your expert agency

Are you looking for a social ads agency? Discover GrowthYouNeed, a Facebook and Google partner agency & expert on other networks.

GrowthYouNeed, your social ads agency

Want to get your brand out there and grow your business? Advertising on social networks can be a great way to do this: you can reach a huge audience, using very precise targeting parameters to make sure you send the right message to the right person at the right time.

To get the most out of your investments, it may be advisable to call on a social ads agency: a team of experts who will know how to implement the best strategies for you, activate the right levers and respect good practices. At GrowthYouNeed, we are a 360 social ads agency: we have experts in advertising on all social networks. You want to be accompanied? Trust us!

Your partner social ads agency

GrowthYouNeed is a team of growth enthusiasts. We use the power of social networks and their advertising networks, combined with artificial intelligence, to offer our clients tailor-made digital strategies that correspond to their objectives and ambitions.

Each of our account managers is an expert on one or more platforms: depending on the strategy best suited to your situation, we will be able to put together a team capable of accompanying you in your growth. This is the great strength of our social ads agency.

Social Ads Agency: our core business

As a social ads agency, we must be able to accompany you on a maximum of levers related to social networks and digital in general. Our teams are therefore trained on the main advertising networks of the market, but also on more original networks, which will allow you to reach new audiences, often with a better return on investment. Discover our expertise in social media advertising.

Meta Ads: Facebook and Instagram Ads

Any self-respecting social ads agency works of course on Meta's advertising networks, to create advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. However, not all of them are Facebook Partners, a distinction given by Facebook itself and which rewards the best agencies on the market. 

At GrowthYouNeed, we are proud to announce that we are Facebook Partners: 80% of our account managers have a Facebook Blueprint certification, which attests to their expertise on Facebook Ads, and we have access to new features and beta of Facebook for our clients. These distinctions make us one of the most recognized Facebook Ads agencies.

LinkedIn Ads

Another panel of our social ads agency, which aims to grow your business mainly on B2B issues: our expertise on LinkedIn Ads. Often underestimated, this ad network allows you to capture highly qualified audiences thanks to unique and powerful targeting, which is not found everywhere. An ideal lever to address a particular message to your prospects and find new customers. 

Here again, our teams are trained to offer you the best practices on LinkedIn Ads and propose the best approaches to take advantage of this platform.

Pinterest Ads

If you advertise on Instagram, it's a safe bet that Pinterest Ads and its pinning system will work well for you. By visually showcasing your product or service, you can attract an engaged audience at a lower cost. Pinterest is one of the best ROI social networks and you would be wrong not to take advantage of it!

At GrowthYouNeed, to help you with these issues, we offer two things. On the one hand, a team of expert account managers on the Pinterest advertising platform. On the other hand, a team of graphic designers who will help you create the most beautiful visuals, to increase the engagement of internet users on your ads.

Twitch Ads

Let's go live! Our Social Ads agency has also developed an expertise on Twitch, the most popular live streaming platform in the world. A growing audience, more and more diversified content: enough to make your brand grow in a still not very competitive environment.

Youtube Ads

A classic: YouTube Ads allows you to promote your product or service either through videos integrated into the content, or through banners and visuals cleverly placed on the pages of the site.

GrowthYouNeed is one of the 3% of French agencies that are partners of Google. Our teams are therefore trained in all their products, including Youtube Ads: we will be able to help you get the best out of this advertising network.

App Store Ads

Whether it is the Google PlayStore or the Apple Store, app stores allow you to advertise your applications. An original approach, often underestimated by advertisers, which allows you to reach an engaged, highly qualified audience and often with a really interesting ROI. Here again, our teams are able to assist you with all your advertising campaigns on app stores.

Amazon Ads

Do you do e-commerce? Have you ever thought about advertising on the world's largest marketplace? An unprecedented visibility that assures you a very qualified in-market audience. Advertising on Amazon is a lever to activate that many advertisers do not think about.

Let a team that knows this environment like the back of its hand accompany you and help you benefit from its expertise on the lever.

TikTok Ads

Want to get into video and target a younger audience? Why not try TikTok? The application is growing steadily and allows you to promote your product or service to a specific audience at very affordable costs. 

GrowthYouNeed was one of the first social ads agencies to build its expertise on this network and to offer it to its clients. And the results are there!

Snapchat Ads

Another social network often underestimated: Snapchat allows you to reach an audience often young and engaged, to promote your brand. Here again, experience has shown us that the ROI can be very interesting: if your product or service is suitable, we can help you create and manage your ads on Snapchat. Our team of graphic designers will help you to put forward your ad while respecting the codes and best practices of the application.

Leboncoin Ads

The French marketplace allows you to advertise your brand. An original advertising network, which allows to reach a very large audience at very interesting costs.

Our social ads agency will be able to accompany you to present you the campaigns that can be carried out on leboncoin and allow you to develop your brand there.

Google Ads and Bing Ads - Our SEA services

If search engines are not social networks, any good social ads agency must also be able to accompany you on SEA issues. Especially when you know that Bing Ads is linked to LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads to the Play Store and Youtube. And that's good news: at GrowthYouNeed, we are Google partners, a distinction awarded by the search giant and which rewards the best agencies on this lever. 

Training for our teams, private access to new products, personalized support from Google teams: we share these advantages with our customers to help them grow.

GrowthYouNeed offers you 360° support

If you are looking for a social ads agency, you have come to the right place. GrowthYouNeed will accompany you on all relevant social networks that offer advertising. This technical support, which allows you to save time and benefit from the skills of experts in the field, goes hand in hand with strategic support: we will be able to suggest new and original tests and strategies adapted to your brand. You want to know more? Click here to find out more!

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