How to organize a paid event on Facebook

Great novelty of this autumn 2020: Facebook launches the possibility to make events on the platform paying. How to create a paid event on Facebook?


Great novelty of this autumn 2020: Facebook launches the possibility to make events on the platform paying.

With the digitalisation of the market, many companies have to adapt to overcome the current crisis. By offering to monetize events, Facebook allows companies to innovate on their content and actions.

Which status to create paid events on Facebook?

To organize paid events on Facebook, you must have a page from a region where the functionality is available. You can find the list of countries here (France is a compatible country) :

List of countries compatible with paid events on Facebook

You must also have a means of payment validated by Facebook, and be in agreement with different charters.

To submit your Page to Facebook's Monetization Charter, click here :

Get your Facebook page validated

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How do I create a paid event on Facebook?

To start, you need to create a classic Facebook event:

Go to PAGE, then EVENTS, and fill in the fields by selecting "online event".

Then click on "Allow paid access". Choose the price (you will not be able to change it anymore), and finish the creation of the event in the classical way. Congratulations! You have created your first paid event on Facebook.

How to organize a paid event on Facebook

How to promote your paid event on Facebook?

It is important to promote your paid event on Facebook to increase the visibility, and therefore the number of people attending your event. For example, you can create ads to highlight your event, or directly boost the event on your page.

As with classic Facebook events, you can invite your friends and share your event to make it more popular for free.

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Promote on Facebook

Some tips for your paid event on Facebook

- Launch your live long before the event

One of the worst things that could happen to you is a technical problem: sound, camera, connection problems, etc. By launching your live vote in advance, you will be able to prevent this kind of problem.

When organizing a paid event, you owe it to yourself to offer a quality service.


- Advertise

The advantage of online paid events is that you usually have no logistical limit on the number of people. The more participants you have, the more money you will earn. Advertising can therefore help you make the most of your paid event on Facebook.


- Change the date if necessary

If you don't have any participants a few days before, you can very well change the date and time of your event.

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