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3 signs that your growth marketing agency is not doing a good job

It's hard to entrust your marketing activity to an agency... and it's even harder to know if the agency is doing a good job. So we've decided to share with you 3 signs that don't deceive

Sometimes when you hire a growth marketing agency to handle your advertising campaigns, it can be quite difficult to know if they are doing a good job for you. Apart from the lack of performance, it's quite easy to spot shortcomings in the end. 

Here are 3 ways to tell if your digital agency or account manager is doing a good job.

Your account manager is not confident when talking about your campaign goals and results

The definition of objectives is the central point of performance.

On most of the levers, this would be the cost per acquisition, the conversion rate or the ROAS. If your growth marketer is not talking about this, it means that your ads are not performing as well as they could... or should.

Communication about your objectives is the most important thing for you and should therefore be the most important thing in the collaboration with your growth marketing agency. Your account manager should therefore be able to talk about them without restraint, without stammering and above all be able to base his strategy on them. 

You don't understand their performance reports

Beware of account managers who talk in no-name jargon or overly specific terms without explaining what they mean, as this is a very clever way of hiding the truth (I've seen it, and it's not pretty). If your account manager can't explain your Google ads or Facebook ads and results in a perfectly clear way, that's a huge red flag.

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough", thank you Albert (Einstein).

Communication with your account manager is difficult

This can be difficult to assess before hiring a growth marketing agency, so don't be afraid to ask about the time it takes to answer your questions or follow up on campaigns. It's also worth asking what the process is for urgent needs and whether there are other people who can respond if the main point of contact is absent. These types of questions are important for two reasons:

  • This helps you to get an idea of their communication style (did they respond quickly, was it friendly, did it match the way you like to do things).
  • They know how to manage your expectations. If you don't speak directly to the person (or people!) who will be working on your account, then you need to ask yourself if this is the way you like to operate.

This is really the bare minimum you should expect from a growth marketing agency (or any agency for that matter). One of the easiest ways to tell if someone is doing a good job is to understand at least a little bit about what they do. Especially if they are spending your money!

The GrowthYouNeed method

With this in mind, I would be a bad Head of Growth if I didn't tell you about our vision of the collaborations we have with our clients. We base the collaboration on 3 pillars:

  • Transparency,
  • Honesty, 
  • Smart work!

Transparency and honesty go hand in hand, of course. We don't hide anything, either in terms of campaign performance or in the management of your accounts. So what do we mean by working smart? Simply, we manage our accounts with modern tools and methods to increase the productivity of our teams, so that we can spend more time analysing results and thinking about strategy, AB testing and scaling.

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