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3 digital marketing trends for 2023 that almost nobody is talking about

Discover the 3 marketing trends to come in 2023

What will the world of digital marketing look like in 2023?

By delaying the end of cookies until 2024, advertising using user privacy now takes center stage. And with the growing popularity of video content, this shift means that contextual targeting is becoming more essential than ever for branding campaigns.

But what will the world of digital marketing look like in 2023? Where should companies focus their efforts to improve their advertising? Looking at the top three marketing trends for 2023 will help brands stay ahead of the competition.

Marketing Trend 1 - Brand safety will be a major issue.

According to the IAS Media Quality Barometer, brand safety risks still exist, albeit on the decline. Brand safety is ultimately the number one concern for any brand in advertising, as the last thing a brand wants is to be exposed to a compromising situation that could go viral and ultimately tarnish the brand image.

It's not just about creating quality content in a world where media consumption is constantly changing, and headlines are unpredictable. Companies must also take steps to manage the placements where their ads appear if they want to maintain a consistent and secure brand image. 

To meet this challenge, which is expected to become more urgent in 2023, companies should prioritize marketing partners that provide brand safety solutions as a core service. Refer to Digital Ad Trust, for example, which lists hundreds of certified media outlets. 

Marketing Trend 2 - Contextual targeting is becoming an increasingly important strategy.

The cookie-free world is coming. By the end of 2023, 60 percent of web traffic is expected to be cookie-free, although the deadline for Google Chrome to stop supporting third-party cookies has been extended to the third quarter of 2024. As privacy concerns continue to rise, brands are looking for new ways to reach their target audience without compromising user data.

5 marketing trends of 2023

Contextual targeting uses AI and advanced technologies, such as deep learning, to serve ads to specific audiences based on the content they view and their search history. This type of targeting is becoming an increasingly popular solution because even without cookies, contextual targeting makes it easier for companies to anticipate which content creators and users of specific websites are most likely to be interested in engaging.

Marketing Trend 3 - To reach users, brands may turn to CTV devices and in-game ads.

Technology is changing and advertisers must adapt to new tools to target customers where they are on the web. The most recent significant change is consumer preference for on-demand entertainment, which has contributed to an increase in connected TV (CTV) sales. Users are increasingly using these devices for entertainment activities, including watching Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus etc. 

The launch of ad buying capabilities on these platforms offers marketers a fantastic opportunity to engage and entertain their target audience. 

Brands must also consider the power of video games if they want to expand and engage their audience. This placement should definitely not be underestimated and is bound to grow in the coming years. It's an ideal opportunity to promote yourself to a group of interested consumers who are potentially ready to make purchases via in-game advertising. 

(We are talking about video games and not mobile games!)

To finish on the marketing trends of 2023

While there are many external factors that affect the success or failure of a marketing trend, one thing is certain: the digital marketing industry is changing faster than ever, making it difficult for advertisers to know where and how to position themselves.

The most successful brands are those that keep an eye on new things, that are open to change. It is essential to work with a reliable, innovative partner that will allow a brand to thrive in the future by following and anticipating the upcoming marketing trend.

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