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SaaS BtoB agency : GrowthYouNeed, your SaaS marketing agency

Looking for a marketing agency for your BtoB SaaS? You've come to the right place! Discover GrowthYouNeed's offer and expertise.

SaaS BtoB agency: make your SaaS known thanks to a specialized marketing agency!

The success of a BtoB company is often based on the quality of its products or services, but also on its ability to make itself known to its potential customers. This is where marketing agencies specialized in BtoB can help you promote your SaaS (Software as a Service) and attract new customers. GrowthYouNeed can help you with your lead gen, growth and conversion issues, to help you find more and more customers and scale your SaaS.

Why use a specialized BtoB SaaS agency for your marketing?

There are several reasons why hiring an expert BtoB SaaS agency for your marketing can be a good idea. First of all, a BtoB SaaS agency has the expertise and experience to understand the specific needs of your business and your target market and the specific issues of these types of businesses. By working with an agency, you will also benefit from an outside perspective and a professional approach to implement effective marketing strategies for your SaaS. 

In addition, a specialized BtoB SaaS agency can help you save time and resources by setting up targeted marketing campaigns and managing the various steps of the process for you. This allows you to focus on building your SaaS and your business, knowing that your marketing is in good hands. You save time on strategy implementation and operational management of levers, while benefiting from the expertise and know-how of trained account managers.

Finally, a specialized BtoB SaaS agency can also help you measure and optimize the performance of your marketing campaigns, allowing you to get the maximum return on investment for your business. A good agency will know exactly what to put in place to help you grow and get the best ROI from your marketing campaigns.

What does a BtoB SaaS agency do?

BtoB SaaS marketing agencies deal with a variety of issues, depending on what their clients require.

  • Increase the visibility of the company and its SaaS to potential customers.
  • Generate qualified leads for the company and its SaaS.
  • Conquer new customers for the company and its SaaS.
  • Retain existing customers of the company and its SaaS.
  • Increase the company's revenues through the promotion of its SaaS.
  • Measure and optimize the performance of marketing campaigns for the company and its SaaS.

The issues are numerous and varied: it is therefore important that the agency you choose to accompany your company is able to offer you a tailor-made strategy adapted to your needs and not a ready-made package.

In particular, when looking for such a partner, there are several things to consider.

  1. BtoB SaaS Specialization: Make sure the agency you choose specializes in BtoB SaaS marketing, so they have the expertise and experience to understand the specific needs of your business and target market.
  2. Reputation and experience: Take the time to read reviews and testimonials from the agency's previous clients to get an idea of their reputation and experience. You can also ask the agency to provide you with examples of projects they have done for other SaaS companies. Certifications and awards received by an agency are a good indicator of quality.
  3. Strategies and approach: ask the agency to explain their strategy and approach to marketing your SaaS, to ensure that it matches your goals and values. You can also ask about the tools and technologies they use to measure and optimize the performance of their campaigns. At GrowthYouNeed, we use tools made in-house that are based on artificial intelligence and data. They help us optimize strategies and make the right decisions.
  4. Transparency and communication: make sure that the agency is transparent about its working methods, and that it communicates regularly with you to keep you informed about the progress and results of its campaigns. With GrowthYouNeed, you have access to a real-time dashboard of your marketing campaigns' performance at any time. You can therefore monitor your performance at any time.

Why choose GrowthYouNeed to support your business? 

GrowthYouNeed is a growth marketing agency that assists many clients with their online visibility issues. Among them, SaaS: we are aware of the particular problems of these companies and know how to answer them.

Our teams are made up of experts trained in their levers: this allows us to offer each client complete and customized strategies, by activating all the acquisition and conversion channels useful for developing your business. Our expertise is also recognized: we have been Google and Facebook Partners for several years now. These certifications testify to the skills of our teams and allow us to have access to beta and other benefits that we share with our customers.

Our expertise includes : 



Social Ads (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat and many others)

Creation of websites and landing pages optimized for conversion

Marketing automation


Case study: how GrowthYouNeed helped SaaS IPaidThat with its marketing campaigns

IPaidThat is a SaaS solution that automates all the accounting and financial actions of a company. In 2021, they will raise 8 million euros to accelerate their development. When they contacted GrowthYouNeed, they had two clear issues: 

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate leads and new customers

After analyzing their environment, we developed a 360 digital strategy composed of several levers. Among them, social networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. We also implemented several growth techniques to maximize conversion, revenue and user retention.

The result: over 10 million people reached and 500 leads generated in 5 months. This successful growth earned us the trust of our client, who subsequently entrusted us with the development of its Spanish market. 

Are you looking for a marketing agency for your BtoB SaaS?

Are you looking for an agency for your SaaS and accelerate your growth? You've come to the right place. Trust our solutions and know-how to grow your brand and find new customers. To get in touch, click here !

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