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LinkedIn Growth Hacking: generate leads with LinkedIn

How to use LinkedIn in your acquisition strategy? GrowthYouNeed gives you 4 effective growth hacking techniques on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Growth Hacking: how to do Growth Hacking on LinkedIn and generate leads?

It's a buzzword: growth hacking is everywhere. The role of Growth Hacking, in general, is to make a company grow, by allowing it to find more leads, more customers, and by giving it greater visibility. By optimizing the acquisition channels, such as advertising or SEO, the Growth Hacker aims to generate more and more business. 

There are specific growth techniques for each lever. For example, you can't do growth in the same way on Instagram as on Facebook or Google. The same goes for LinkedIn: the professional network has its own possibilities and limitations. 

Understand how LinkedIn works to get the most out of it, know how to use the opportunities specific to this network to increase your visibility, or know the limits imposed by the platform to optimize your acquisition: that's all Growth Hacking on LinkedIn. 

Why do Growth Hacking on LinkedIn?

But why would you favor growth hacking on LinkedIn over another platform? LinkedIn offers many unique features that you can leverage for your business. Here are some of them. 

You can use LinkedIn as a powerful acquisition source, thanks to the platform's specificities!

Targeting qualified prospects

All users registered on LinkedIn fill in information on their profile. We often find the name, first name, the position held, the company and the training courses followed. But if you dig deeper, you can find many others: email, location, level of study, professional experience... You can therefore easily identify and isolate highly qualified leads among the 21 million registered members in France alone!

Using powerful marketing tools for LinkedIn

Many third-party companies have developed powerful tools to automate and improve your growth strategies on LinkedIn. Among them, we can mention LinkedInHelper, ProspectIn or PhantomBuster. Enough to get many qualified leads!

A network of professionals

Finally, the most important feature of LinkedIn is its audience. LinkedIn is a platform of professionals for professionals. If you're looking to target companies or professionals in an industry for your product or service, LinkedIn offers you the perfect audience. 

We often think of LinkedIn as a B2B network, but B2C companies can also find their place!

4 Growth Hacking Techniques on LinkedIn

The ultimate goal of Growth Hacking on LinkedIn is therefore, for most companies, to generate more business. It doesn't matter what your business model is: whether you sell products, services or training, your goal is to sell more. 

But this objective can be achieved in several ways, thanks to sub-objectives: you can, for example, try to increase the visibility of your profile and your content to LinkedIn users. You can also try to increase traffic to your site, where you sell your products. Some may want to use LinkedIn for its professional messaging, which allows you to contact qualified prospects very easily. Others will want to grow their network in order to get known. Finally, LinkedIn offers a very powerful advertising network, LinkedIn Ads, which can help you in your objective: you can therefore seek to optimize your ads. 

So, we've come up with 4 LinkedIn Growth Hacking tips to help you achieve your goals, no matter what tactic you want to employ. The bonus: these tips are not exclusive! So there's nothing to stop you from using more than one, to create as many leads as possible!

Increase the visibility of your content and your profile

As you may know: LinkedIn allows you to publish content. And people don't mind! Experiences, job search, opinion sharing... You can find all kinds of content on the platform. But how to increase the visibility of this content? 

There are several ways to increase the reach of your posts. To do this, you must first understand how LinkedIn's algorithm works. 

When you publish content on the network, LinkedIn will submit it to a small panel of people who follow you. The more people who react to your post (through likes, comments, or shares), the more the algorithm will consider your content worth showing to a larger audience. It will therefore open it to more and more users, including LinkedIn members who do not belong to your network. 

Growth Hacking on LinkedIn consists in understanding how the social network's algorithm works in order to play with it and increase your performance!

To increase the number of views and interactions on your posts, measure what type of post works with your network: statuses that share information, highlighting your achievements... 

Use questions at the end of the status to generate engagement, try to animate debates: anything that can push users to comment or interact with your publications feeds the algorithm of LinkedIn and increases your visibility. 

Some companies encourage their employees to comment on other employees' posts. The objective: to create a virtuous circle of content on LinkedIn. Each employee becomes an ambassador of the brand, with a very high visibility on each of your contents. 

But beware of pods. Pods are tools or communities that artificially generate engagement on your publications. A paid service, which will help you increase your reach. But LinkedIn is on the hunt for pods: if it discovers that you use them for your publications, your personal account could be closed or penalized. The opposite of growth hacking on LinkedIn!

Drive traffic to your site

Second Growth tip for LinkedIn: how to drive more traffic to your website? 

When you post content on LinkedIn, you may link to a complementary resource: an article from your blog, a web page you used for information... Well, never do that! 

LinkedIn's algorithm tends to decrease the visibility of publications that link outside the platform. Why is that? Because you encourage users to leave LinkedIn to go elsewhere on the web. How, in these conditions, to increase traffic to your site? 

You can actually use a link, but in the comments of the post! The comments published by the original author of the post appear in the first position, so users will have no trouble finding it. Moreover, comments generate interaction... so a good sign for your post! 

A study by GrowthRocks shows that posts without external links have, on average, three times the reach of those that point outside LinkedIn. A great thing to know for your growth and lead generation on LinkedIn!

Automate prospecting on LinkedIn

As we said, one of LinkedIn's greatest strengths is its ability to prospect through highly relevant targeting. The information provided by LinkedIn users is a gold mine for lead generation. Use it for your Growth Hacking! 

There are companies that offer very comprehensive services for automating prospecting on LinkedIn. With powerful tools, you can send contact requests, personalized emails, view profiles, interact with posts and even reply to emails... completely automatically. 

The point of these tools is to increase the scale of your prospecting. While contact is traditionally done by hand on LinkedIn, the promise of tools like PhantomBuster is to allow you to increase your prospecting on LinkedIn, in less time. This is pure LinkedIn growth hacking!

In concrete terms, how do these tools work? All these LinkedIn Automation tools are based on the creation of scenarios. If a user meets certain criteria (for example: if he works in a company, or if he holds a specific position), you contact him automatically, thanks to a personalized email that includes the elements of his profile. Depending on his answers, the scenario unfolds: you present your services, you send him to your site, you get his contact information. In short: your automation scenario qualifies your prospect without any intervention on your part!

Get data from Internet users for your CRM file

The information displayed on LinkedIn profiles is strategic: contact information, name, first name, position, company... Enough to make CRM specialists dream! Did you know that it was possible to use LinkedIn Growth Hacking tools to get this data? 

This is what the ProspectIn plug-in allows. For free, you can scrape LinkedIn profile information to add to your CRM or lead file. With just a few clicks, you can retrieve the email addresses of hundreds of your contacts. 

What's more? In its paid version, ProspectIn even allows you to send personalized contact requests to users whose information you want to get in touch with them.

Do Growth Hacking on LinkedIn with experts!

Do you want to go further? These are just 4 examples of techniques you can implement. But at GrowthYouNeed, we are experts in growth hacking, on LinkedIn as well as on all other levers. Optimizing your advertising campaigns, generating natural leads... We can help you in your acquisition and growth strategy on this social network. Do not hesitate to contact us! 

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