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What's new in Google ads: Insight ?

Google ads integrates the new Insight page to be able to anticipate needs and trends according to your business sector.

What's new in Google ads: The Insight page

During the Advertising week that took place from 29 September to 8 October 2020, many new marketing innovations were announced. Most of them are related to or in response to the health crisis we are currently going through.

Google's finding is that consumer behaviour is constantly changing. The pandemic has only accelerated these changes. It is essential that companies adapt to this change in order to continue to grow.

Google cites the example of Zazzle: a marketplace that has identified product categories such as puzzles or outdoor games that people can make at home. By investing in these categories, they were able to anticipate consumers' needs and improve their results.


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Why the Insight page as a Google novelty ads ?

We have seen how important it is to be able to identify consumer needs in order to adapt our solution as efficiently as possible.

That's why Google ads integrates the new Insight page: to be able to anticipate needs and trends according to your business sector.


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How to use the new Insight page on Google ads ?

The Insight page will be integrated into the Google ads interface. It will therefore be possible to consult these insights directly from the platform. This Insight page will be composed of trends on the search for products or services related to your business. Via exemple ; a bicycle rental company will be able to see if the unicycle search is exploding and adapt its offer accordingly.

It will therefore be possible to see in a few clicks the consumer trends and behaviors of the market in which we are located.


Page google insight
Page insight news Google ads

When will the new Insight page be available on Google Ads ?

This novelty is very recent: the announcement of the new Insight page was made on October 6, 2020. At the time of the announcement, Google announced to launch the beta in the coming months and then to add new features to this page.

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Conclusion on the Insight Google Ads page

Faced with the crisis, companies must adapt to allow their business to continue to grow. The tools must also integrate new functionalities to meet this need. This is what Google wants to offer through this new Insight page. By proposing industry trends, companies are more easily able to identify what's new in the market they are in.

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