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Advertising on Spotify: Ad Studio comes to France!

Why and how can I use Ad Studio to advertise on Spotify?

Spotify launches Ad Studio in France

On March 24th, Spotify will launch its 'Ad Studio' advertising platform in France. What is it? How do you use it? For what purpose? Let's find out.

What is Spotify Ad Studio?

Ad Studio is Spotify's new advertising platform. The beta had already been launched in 2020, with very promising results. Ad Studio allows businesses to create advertising campaigns on the Spotify music platform. Audio, video, or image formats, all campaigns can be configured in just a few clicks.

Visual representing shopify ad studio

Why and how can I use Ad Studio to advertise on Spotify?

As Spotify says on its platform, "With the power of streaming audio, you can tailor your message to the context of your audience and drive results for your brand. "
It's simply a new channel for advertisers to reach users at specific times, with an innovative format.

In addition, Spotify Ad Studio claims to offer "relevant and effective" targeting capabilities in everyday moments. Spotify Ad Studio's goal is "to reach the right audiences with the right formats, in the right place, at the right time to deliver their message.

What is the strategy for advertising on Spotify?

Advertising on Spotify is going to be a very interesting new channel for advertisers. Targeting will be key, and the possibilities for action seem enormous. Ad Studio also offers a free tool for creating audio spots with voiceover and background music. The goal is to make it as easy as possible to create ads on Spotify. To fine-tune the different strategies, Spotify Ad Studio has announced the ability to choose from 13 different call-to-actions such as "Buy Now" and "Share".

To sum up: advertising on Spotify Ad Studio

The key point is that the platform will be available from March 24, and will allow advertisers to launch audio and video campaigns on Spotify. The possibilities offered by the platform are enormous, but the competition is likely to be significant.

How do I advertise on Spotify?

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