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GrowthYouNeed, your Google Ads Premier Partner agency

Find out how GrowthYouNeed, your Google Ads agency, can help you set up an effective SEA strategy to meet your objectives.

What isa Google Ads agency?

A Google Ads agency is a digital marketing agency that manages your campaigns on Google Ads (formerly Adwords) for you. It can operate on several levels: 

  • Full campaign management
  • Audit or account set-up
  • Campaign optimisation
  • Google Ads training

There are many SEA agencies today. Most digital agencies, if they are not specialised in Google Ads, offer this type of campaign. 

How to choose your Google Ads agency? 

Faced with this huge choice, how do you find an agency that is an expert in Google Ads? There are several points to observe to ensure that the agency is competent and will be able to assist you. 

Google Partner Certification

First, the certifications. There are several types of certification: individual ones, awarded to each account manager in the agency, and global ones, awarded to the agency itself. Of these, the most prestigious is certainly the Google Partner certification: awarded by Google itself, it identifies the most competent agencies through 3 points: 

  • Performance across all clients: Google observes that accounts and campaigns perform well and that the overall optimisation rate is above a high threshold (70%). This means that only agencies that are meticulous and pay attention to detail are eligible for this certification.
  • Spend: practice makes perfect. Media spend is used to identify agencies that operate on many accounts and manage many campaigns. It would be easy to achieve an optimisation score of 70% on a single small account: the challenge for an agency is to maintain this quality and performance on large volumes. To become a Google Partner agency, you need to manage more than $10,000 of media buys per quarter. 
  • Individual certifications: an agency's expertise is based on the expertise of its account managers. Google requires that at least 50% of them have Google Ads certification, as well as certifications related to the types of campaigns you manage: Display, Video, Search, Shopping and Apps. 

A good Google Ads agency is therefore one that performs well for many clients, thanks to employees who have mastered their subject. 

Clients, client cases and industries

Another aspect you need to consider is the agency's clients. On Google Ads, there are many different strategies to adopt and what may have worked for one account may not work for another. It is a real plus to choose an agency that knows your industry, its trends, and therefore has experience in the field. 

Most Google Ads agencies put their client references on a page on their site so you can get an idea. You can also contact them to ask. 

Other levers

You might think that a good Google Ads agency is one that specialises in this acquisition lever and is exclusively dedicated to it. In fact, it is better to favour agencies capable of supporting you in other channels, such as SEO (free search engine optimisation), advertising on social networks or emailing. Why? Because they will be able to support you in your digital strategy and create synergies between these different channels. 

Discover GrowthYouNeed, your Google Ads agency in Paris

GrowthYouNeed is a Google Ads agency based in Paris. We help our clients with their acquisition issues, in SEA but also on many other levers. 

A Google Premier Partner & Google Digital Champion agency

GrowthYouNeed is a certified Google Premier Partner. We not only meet the conditions imposed by Google, but we go far beyond them: all our Growth Hackers are certified, and some are Google Digital Champions. This certification distinguishes the best agencies among Google Partners. 

Thanks to our privileged position, we are also able to offer a $500 voucher to our clients for any account launched through GrowthYouNeed, compared to $75 with an agency that does not have these distinctions. 

In addition, we have a privileged contact with the Google teams: access to beta, tests, advice, and a dedicated Google Account Manager. Everything is done to ensure that our clients are treated as well as possible. 

The expertise of our team

Each of our Account Managers is trained in the Google suite of tools. Search, Display, Youtube... We master all the advertising tools. The objective: to be able to offer you tailor-made strategies, adapted to your needs and resources. 

Last year, we invested over €40 million in Google Ads for our various clients, with tailored strategies. Refining audiences, lowering CPAs, increasing leads and traffic, raising awareness of your brand: depending on your objectives, we will put in place the appropriate tools to help you achieve them. 

How we can support you

We offer several types of support, depending on your needs. 

  • Account audit: how to improve your campaigns We'll go through your Google Ads account with a fine-tooth comb, suggesting ways to improve it so that your resources are used to maximum effect.
  • Support: would you like to delegate the creation and management of your campaigns? Trust our operational expertise. Buying keywords, writing each ad: we take care of everything.
  • Strategic advice: our project managers will help you implement a performance or branding strategy, taking advantage of all acquisition channels
  • Reporting: regular reporting is organised so that you can follow your performance and results in a transparent way.

Google Ads agency... but not only

At GrowthYouNeed, we are not just a Google Ads agency. We master all the digital channels, to help you implement global strategies that are as effective as possible. 

An example? We accompanied Goiko restaurants for their arrival in France. Even before the restaurants opened, we helped them create a strong community on Instagram, with over 15,000 followers. Through videos, viewed over 11 million times, we made the brand known to as many people as possible. The final step was to set up Google Ads and retargeting campaigns to reach people who were looking for restaurants around them. 

Call on GrowthYouNeed

This is the strength of a full-service growth hacking agency: we master SEA and Google Ads to perfection, as our awards show. But each client is unique and so is the web strategy to be adopted. We study your competitive environment, your objectives and your means to propose concrete action plans, on Google Ads or other marketing channels. 

Would you like to see what we can offer you? Please contact us! 

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