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Growth Hacking outsourcing: how to choose your partner

How to choose who to entrust your Growth Hacking to? Freelance, agency... What to choose? We tell you everything about outsourcing growth hacking.

Outsourcing Growth Hacking: all you need to know

When you start a business or want to grow it, there is one task that is often complicated: finding new customers. How do you do this? What means should you use? What budget should be allocated to this? And who should do it? 

The task of growth often falls to two functions: marketing and sales. Marketing is responsible for bringing in new prospects, positioning the brand or product, and sales for turning them into customers. But with the rise of digital, a new function is becoming increasingly important: the Growth Hacker. Hiring a Growth Hacker is not a necessity for many companies: below a certain threshold of leads, or a certain budget dedicated to growth, it is often even counter-productive. One solution that is becoming more and more apparent is to outsource your growth hacking, for example through an agency. What should you take into account when looking to outsource your growth? We tell you everything! 

Outsourcing your growth hacking can be a challenge. Which partner to choose? On what criteria should you make this selection? We explain everything you need to know!

What is Growth Hacking?

First of all, it is important to understand what Growth Hacking is. On the borderline between marketing and sales, the Growth Hacker seeks to make the company grow. Number of customers, turnover, brand visibility... He follows many performance indicators, which he seeks to improve. Growth Hacking, by definition, aims to develop techniques capable of generating maximum revenue with minimum resources. To do this, he must demonstrate strategy, creativity and knowledge of digital tools to be able to divert them if necessary. 

The Growth Hacker's playground has no limits: he can use Google as well as Facebook, or any other site. Some Growth Hackers have even set up offline techniques! 

Why outsource your growth hacking?

A question then arises: if this function is so important, why outsource your Growth Hacking? Indeed, outsourcing often implies a loss of control, less visibility on the actions carried out. It is therefore necessary to have total confidence in the partner you choose to manage your growth. 

Yet outsourcing is not a dirty word. It can even have important advantages, in two notable respects. 

The first is on the price. In France, the average salary of a Growth Hacker varies between 40 and 50 000 € per year. Without counting the charges that are added for any permanent contract. This is therefore a substantial sum, and does not take into account the expenses related to Growth Hacking: advertising budget, tool licenses... If your business is still in its infancy, or if you do not have such a budget at your disposal, hiring a third party, whether it is an agency or a freelancer, will allow you to reduce these costs. No need to hire a full-time employee for a job that could be done in a few hours a week! 

The second point, even more important than the first, is expertise. An " in-house " Growth Hacker (i.e. a Growth Hacker that you hire in your company) will certainly be a specialist in one or several levers, but certainly not in all of them. Moreover, to be effective, it will be necessary to subscribe to certain tools, to measure or improve its performance. Using an agency means taking advantage of the expertise of an entire team, which only does Growth. Most agencies also have their own in-house tools: this is one less expense for you! 

Outsourcing your Growth Hacking is therefore taking advantage of a better expertise at a lower cost. 

Growth Hacking outsourcing: what are my options?

When looking to outsource growth hacking, there are two options. The first is to hire a freelancer. The second is to hire an agency.

Growth hacking is a discipline that requires many skills. Who should you choose to accompany you in this adventure?

Hiring a freelancer

A freelancer is a great solution if you have a very small budget. You can find growth hacking freelancers on dedicated platforms, such as Malt or Fiver, who will do a great job at a very affordable day rate. Beware though: freelancers, by definition, operate alone. So select a freelancer who has the skills and knowledge you are looking for. If you're looking to do growth hacking on LinkedIn, make sure they have a thorough understanding of the platform's codes and features. If you are looking for a Growth Hacker for acquisition, he/she will have to master the main advertising networks (Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc), as well as natural referencing. A freelancer can therefore be a very relevant solution if you already have a specific need in mind. If you don't have one, and you are simply looking to "do some growth hacking", some freelancers will be able to offer you this. Keep in mind, however, that they will tend to offer you the solutions they know.

Hiring an agency

The second solution is to hire a growth hacking agency. In this case, you will have to plan a slightly larger budget. Indeed, agencies are important structures, and you will have, in some of them, several contacts. The costs are therefore higher. On the other hand, agencies are much better equipped to support you. In terms of human resources, most digital marketing agencies are structured around areas of expertise. Some account managers are specialised in Google Ads, others in natural referencing, etc. An agency will therefore be able to offer you a dedicated project team made up of talents that really correspond to your needs. The agency will then have more technical resources than a freelancer alone: tools, licences, or even programmes developed in-house will guarantee effective results. 

Agencies are therefore more developed structures, but they also tend to be more expensive.

A third solution to outsource your growth marketing

However, there is a third solution, halfway between the two, which combines the advantages of the two previous solutions: it is the GrowthYouNeed agency. At GrowthYouNeed, we have created a multi-talented team to help you with all your growth hacking issues, while offering you a lower price than the market. Our goal is to offer you a variety of quality services at an affordable price. 

We use tools developed in-house to bring a scientific approach to growth hacking. A three-step method: experimentation, measurement, application. We test, with you, the levers likely to accelerate your business. We analyse the results to see which ones perform best. We set up campaigns and optimise them to maximise your ROI. 

Outsourcing your Growth Hacking: 4 elements to take into account when choosing your agency

The other question you might ask yourself when looking to outsource your growth hacking is: what should I consider when choosing a partner? Expertise and price are important, as we have seen. They will direct you towards an agency, or a freelancer. 

But let's say you decide to choose an agency. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of them on the market. How do you choose the one that suits you best? Here is a list of things to consider.

The overall strategy

What does each agency offer? The strategies proposed for your Growth Hacking are often variable, but not all are equal. Favour agencies whose strategy encompasses several levers: those who only offer you one or two will generally have limited expertise and will only try to bring you into their field. You risk missing out on opportunities! 

In-house skills

What teams does each agency have? You can easily find them on their website. This will allow you to easily evaluate their skills, to study the levers they master... 

The quality of the support

This is a very sensitive subject when you want to outsource your Growth Hacking: you are in fact entrusting strangers with the responsibility of making your business grow. The quality of the support is surely the most important element to take into account: favour agencies that will be transparent with you about the actions carried out, that will provide you with regular reports and that will set up dedicated project teams.

The price

Price is indeed an important variable: in the world of agencies, quotes can sometimes be very high! But it should not be a brake if you trust an agency: you will indeed have a return on investment! 

Other elements may be important: it all depends on what you expect from your partner. In any case, we always advise you to contact several agencies to compare their proposals. 

To outsource your growth hacking, trust GrowthYouNeed

If you are looking for an agency to outsource your growth hacking, you have come to the right place! GrowthYouNeed has already helped dozens of clients with their digital growth, with incredible results. 

We master all the levers of digital: it is thanks to this comprehensive expertise that we can propose tailor-made strategies that correspond to our clients' needs. Each business is unique, and the solutions to get them off the ground are not formatted: together, we will test the possible tactics, to select those that work best. 

Take a look at our case studies to discover the diversity of strategies implemented according to our clients' objectives. If you would like to know more or if you are looking for support, do not hesitate to contact us! 

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