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How to choose your Growth Hacking agency?

What is a Growth Hacking Agency? How to choose a Growth Hacking agency?

Many agencies offer to develop your business through Growth Hacking. You may be interested in the promise of increasing your return on investment or getting new qualified leads, but how do you choose your Growth Marketing Agency?

What is a Growth Hacking Agency?

It is an agency using Growth Hacking to develop the business of its clients. Growth Hacking can be defined as a set of techniques, tools, reflections, and actions aimed at growth. The general idea is to gain efficiency with the least amount of resources possible.


What are the differences between Growth Hacking and Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to all marketing actions using digital media or channels. Growth Hacking uses digital marketing with the sole and unique objective of developing growth. It is a way of thinking, of taking action, of using tools for a specific purpose.


Why use a Growth Hacking agency?

Using an agency to develop your business is an expensive process that may seem unthinkable for some small businesses. However, there is a lot to gain for your company... We will see the advantages and disadvantages of using a growth hacking agency.

A mastery of digital tools

When you work with an agency, they are (normally) qualified to carry out many digital projects. It can therefore intervene on several stages of your strategy (acquisition, loyalty, conversion...) and optimize them thanks to digital tools.

Global expertise for you

During your first appointments, a growth hacking agency will establish an audit of everything you have put in place for your product or solution, and give you the means to improve it. More than just a strategy, it's really a partner that you will find to develop your business.

Mastering digital marketing

Consumption patterns are constantly changing, and digital marketing is increasingly becoming a pillar of corporate strategy. And with good reason: it's one of the most effective ways to grow your business. So why do without it?

How to choose your Growth Hacking agency?

As you can see, growth hacking is gradually becoming fashionable in the world of marketing, and many agencies claim to specialize in this practice. How can you not be fooled and really find the agency that will achieve the growth you dream of? We have a few leads for you.


Take a look at past clients

Many agencies highlight on their website the clients they have worked with. Do not hesitate to ask for information, or to ask the opinion of these clients to get an idea of the level of service. They are the best qualified to guide you.

Analyze the services offered

Look at what practices these agencies put in place for their clients. If you don't see these practices suitable for your product, move on to the next one!

Ask for several quotes

By contacting several agencies, you will be able to compare quotes and find out if one of them offers you a price that is too high or has a derisory content.

Take into account the relational

Choosing your growth hacking agency is choosing a new partner for your business. These people will guide you, work for you on your solution, you propose projects and improvements. It's very important to have confidence, that's why you should choose people who have the same vision as you. Set up a face-to-face or video conference appointment and discuss your project. This way you will know if you can imagine the future with these new collaborators.

Conclusion on Growth Hacking Agencies

A growth hacking agency is focused exclusively on the growth of your business. It can really help you to develop your business through practices you wouldn't have thought of. Think before you commit, and visualize this opportunity as a way to improve and optimize your product or solution.


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