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Growth Marketing Agency: how to choose your agency?

Looking for a growth marketing agency? Find out how to select the right one for your needs!

Growth Marketing Agency: Which one to choose?

All companies, whether they are starting up or have been in existence for some time, are faced with a similar problem: that of growth. This growth implies two underlying questions: how to generate it and how to organize it? When we talk about "generating" growth, we wonder which levers to activate: sales, advertising, PR, etc. There are many of them and marketing professionals are familiar with them. The question of organization is about who should generate this growth. Should you bring it in-house? Should you hire an agency or a freelancer?

A common and very effective solution is to hire a growth marketing agency. These specialized agencies will be able to help you on both points, by advising you on the levers to activate, and by helping you, operationally, to manage them. 

But if you choose to use a growth marketing agency, which one should you choose? What factors should you take into account?

What is growth marketing?  

Before diving deeper into the elements that will allow you to choose the right growth marketing agency for you, we must first define what growth marketing is. More than a buzzword, it is a real discipline, which can justify the use of external providers.

Definition of growth marketing

Growth marketing can be defined as a set of techniques that aim to increase the growth of your business. To do this, it is based on the AARRR model: Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention, Referral. Each term corresponds to a specific stage of the growth process, and the growth marketing expert tries to improve his performance at each of these stages. 

Acquisition is the act of capturing users. How to attract more prospects to your offer? Many solutions exist, such as digital advertising, natural referencing, but also word of mouth, press relations etc. 

Activation focuses on the moment when a user first encounters your offer. How do you convince them to be interested? This is about immediate engagement. 

Revenue also deals with engagement: once we have succeeded in engaging the user with our service or product, we seek to make him buy. Many techniques exist to increase the conversion rate. 

In the retention stage, the growth marketer seeks to get as many users as possible to return to your service or product. It's a well-known fact in marketing: keeping a customer costs less than getting new ones. It is therefore in your best interest to keep your customers coming back to you as much as possible, in order to generate more turnover. 

The last step is referral. It aims to create a virtuous circle, by making sure that users satisfied with your product or service become ambassadors of your brand, and participate themselves in the acquisition. 

Growth marketing therefore seeks the growth of a company, taking into account the entire customer journey. 

A team working in a growth marketing agency

Difference between growth marketing and growth hacking

We often hear about growth hacking, even more often than growth marketing. What is the difference between the two? 

They are in fact similar. Both use the AARRR scheme (which was actually developed by growth hackers), but in slightly different ways. While growth hacking aims to use new, novel techniques to generate rapid growth (like a buzz effect), growth marketing focuses more on the long term. It uses more classic techniques that have already proven their worth. Tests and measurements are used to determine the best levers for stable growth in the long term. 

It's easy to find impressive examples of companies that have used growth hacking. Airbnb, for example, in its early days, automatically posted every new listing on its site to Craiglist. This had two major effects. Many users who were browsing Craiglist would arrive at Airbnb's site by looking at the listings. The second effect was on Airbnb's Google ranking: thanks to these ads automatically posted on Craiglist, Airbnb received many links and thus improved Airbnb's search engine ranking. The site then ranked much better on tourism-related queries. 

However, there are far fewer such famous examples for Growth Marketing. Why? Because the successes of Growth Marketing are long-term, and therefore less spectacular. But you certainly know agencies or companies that use advertising on Google or Facebook: this is Growth Marketing. 

For more details, see our definition of Growth Hacking.

Difference between growth marketing and classical marketing

So what is the difference between growth marketing and traditional marketing? Here again, the two disciplines are similar, but diverge on certain points. 

First, on the framework. As we have seen, Growth Marketing works on the AARRR model, while marketing mainly uses a model related to the 4Ps: Price, Product, Place, Promotion. 

Secondly, because the goal of growth marketing is directly related to the turnover and growth of the company. You're trying to sell a product or service, and you're focusing on that. The field of general marketing is broader: it encompasses many other aspects, such as the aesthetics of a brand, its popularity and notoriety etc. Growth marketing is therefore a specific field of application of general marketing. 

Finally, they differ on the levers used. Growth Marketing is mostly digital. We use a lot in Growth Marketing, SEO, advertising on search engines and social networks, programmatic, emailing ...

Comparison between growth hacking and growth marketing

What does a growth marketing agency do?

So what are growth marketing agencies for? 

A good growth agency will help you on several points: the choice of channels, the strategies to adopt and the purely operational part. 

The choice of channels - or levers - is indeed essential. Not all companies use the same levers, because they don't have the same objectives. Facebook Ads is an excellent branding lever, to make your brand and your products known. Google Ads, on the other hand, is very useful to capture users who would like to buy a product, but who don't necessarily know your brand. If you are doing B2B, LinkedIn Ads will allow you to reach professionals very quickly. There are many levers, and each one has its own specificities: a growth marketing agency will be able to advise you and carry out the necessary tests to choose the most relevant levers. 

The question of strategy is also essential: you will have to choose which budget to spend on which lever, find the audiences to target, choose your personae correctly... The implementation of your global marketing strategy is extremely important, and who better to help you with this task than marketing professionals? A good growth marketing agency will be able to advise you on the strategy to adopt. 

Finally, a growth marketing agency also takes care of the operational part. It offers, at this level, two advantages. The first is time saving. The operational side of digital marketing is often very time consuming. A dedicated account manager will save you time on these issues by setting up your campaigns and putting them online. The second advantage is expertise. As we have seen, a multitude of levers exist and it is difficult to be an expert on all of them. A growth marketing agency usually has teams dedicated to each of these levers, to offer you real expertise on each of them. 

A growth marketing agency will save you time, but also money. If it has a cost, its benefits largely exceed them: your Growth campaigns will be much more effective and more adapted to your business. It is therefore a very profitable investment over time!

How to choose your growth marketing agency?

If you're looking for a growth marketing agency, you'll quickly realize that there are plenty of them. Big agencies as well as small ones. There are even freelancers in this sector. So how do you choose the right growth marketing agency for you? 

The first step is to clearly define your needs. Do you already have a Growth strategy? Have you already activated or tried to activate certain levers? Do you want to try new ones? Do you have any knowledge in this field? It's up to you to define what you need before you start looking for an agency. Don't hesitate to contact one or more Growth agencies: as mentioned above, they are there to help you define your strategy. If you don't know where to start, an agency can help you! 

Once you have defined your needs, all you have to do is find the agency that will best meet them! To do this, take into account four elements: the levers that the agency you are contacting masters, the means that will be made available to you, the agency's expertise and the price. 

You will find generalist growth agencies on the market, capable of helping you with all your growth issues, but also agencies specialising in one or more levers. Depending on your objectives and your strategy, it will be more or less relevant to turn to one or the other of these typologies. 

Some agencies will be able to provide you with one or more experts on the different levers you wish to activate. This obviously has a cost: it's up to you to decide if it's relevant to your needs or not.

Visual of a computer with the GrowthYouNeed website

GrowthYouNeed, your growth marketing agency

To help you define your growth strategy and implement it, GrowthYouNeed is here. GrowthYouNeed is a Growth Marketing agency located in Paris: we can help you activate all the levers you want, to generate strong and continuous growth for your company. Our teams are composed of experts in their field, to cover all your issues. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information! 

Here is an overview of what GrowthYouNeed can do for you.

Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook is one of the most used levers by companies today. It is also a lever that requires a great deal of control, in order to target relevant users, control your budgets and adapt the formats of your ads. The Facebook Ads platform includes ads that you can run on both Facebook and Instagram: you therefore have access to a huge pool of Internet users to spread your message.

Google Ads

Another essential part of growth strategies, Google Ads allows you to capture active users who are already advanced in their buying cycle. It is a safe and effective way to attract qualified traffic, but it is complex and time-consuming for those who are not experts. Fortunately for you, GrowthYouNeed is! Discover our google ads agency

LinkedIn Ads

The social network for professionals also has its own advertising platform! Target B2B or even B2C prospects thanks to their numerous formats. LinkedIn offers the possibility to send ads directly in the users' personal messages, which is not necessarily possible with other platforms.

TikTok Ads

Although still new, the TikTok network is growing very fast. It offers important growth opportunities, which we will help you seize thanks to our TikTok Ads experts. =

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest offers a very interesting alternative for companies that offer products with a strong visual appeal. GrowthYouNeed has a team of Pinterest Ads experts who can help you set up your campaigns.

Website creation

A good website is often necessary for your online growth. With our team of developers, we can help you create the website of your dreams, to attract prospects and more customers!

Natural referencing

SEO is a very powerful acquisition lever, and GrowthYouNeed can help you conquer the search engines.

A growth marketing agency in Paris!

GrowthYouNeed is a growth marketing agency with expertise in many areas. We will be able to respond to all of your problems and support you in your growth as we have done for many clients. Discover some case studies that demonstrate our know-how!

visual of paris in france with GrowthYouneed agency based in Wework

How Growth Marketing helped MaChicBoutique grow

MaChicBoutique is a women's ready-to-wear brand, which already had some notoriety on Instagram. The goal: to develop this notoriety and acquire more customers via online advertising campaigns. 

Every month, MaChicBoutique releases a new collection. We used this seasonality to implement a 4-step strategy: preparation of visuals and campaigns, implementation of branding campaigns to introduce the new collection to new users or old customers, purchase campaigns to push users reached by the branding campaigns to buy the products, and then measurement of actions. The same process was repeated with each new collection. We used a wide mix of levers, including: Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads. 

The result: an average ROAS (Return On Ad Spent) of 18. Each euro invested in the campaigns generated an average of 18 euros in sales on the shop. A significant growth, which has lasted over time, with each new product release!

Goiko: Growth Marketing for brand launch

Goiko is a very popular restaurant chain in Spain that recently opened in France. When they opened, we worked with them as a growth marketing agency. Their objective: to make the brand known to the French, to grow their community on social networks, and to generate bookings via their website. 

To help them, we set up campaigns on social networks for the community aspect, and on search engines for bookings. 

Results: over 15,000 followers in 3 months, over 2,000 pieces of content published, and 11 million cumulative views on their posts. A successful brand launch!

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