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Tiktok ads is taking more and more place in marketing strategies. This social network is exploding, but propelling your brand to the top requires respecting certain codes and techniques. Our team is here to accompany you on this very special platform.

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We have been developing Tiktok ads strategies since 2020. Our experience allows us to adapt your strategy to the specific codes that Tiktok requires. Through several markets and types of strategies, we have acquired a decisive experience to obtain the best performance on this channel. Intensive monitoring allows us to be ready for 2023 and the upcoming algorithm changes.

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A TikTok ads
agencyguided by artificial intelligence

Growth Intelligence, an application developed in-house to give you more visibility on your results and exclusive access to our revolutionary tools.

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Detailed results for your TikTok ads campaigns

An application developed in-house to give you more visibility on your results and exclusive access to our revolutionary tools.

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Growth Intelligence is designed to bring you better results with less budget while giving you more transparency on your entire business.

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True AI that learns from your data
Access to : Open AI GPT 3 +

How cana TikTok Adsstrategy
bring you growth?


The visuals you use on Tiktok are crucial. You can't reuse content from other platforms, you need visuals created for Tiktok. Our experts can help you define a visual strategy, adapted to your strategy and your brand image.


With the Tiktok pixel, it is possible to efficiently track the events coming from your campaigns. These conversion elements are essential in the optimization of your strategy, and the analysis of the performance of traffic coming from Tiktok ads.

Video creation

Our agency is specialized in the creation of video content through our Growth Studio entity. Our experts create content adapted to the platform, in accordance with the strategy proposed by your Growth Marketers. Scripting, shooting, actors, motion design... We provide you with solutions adapted to your needs


Tiktok ads allows you to effectively reach your core target audience, if they are present on the platform. With demographic and interest-based targeting, our experts can deliver your ads to the users most likely to convert. This targeting can be applied to your entire conversion tunnel, with the implementation of retargeting campaigns.

Our example of
TikTok Ads strategy

As an expert agency in TikTok Ads, we design with you a strategic plan covering your entire conversion tunnel. With a multi-channel approach, we improve your entire digital ecosystem to get the best performance

  • Interests

  • Audience of personsæ

  • Similar audience

  • Time spent on the site

  • Users not converted

  • Clicks on CTA

  • Users of the app

  • Registered

  • Active site visitors

  • Commitments

  • Video views

  • Clicks on ads

We have a scientific approach to
Digital Marketing

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